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I wake up every morning, looking at the so called bed and study area I possess, known to me as my bedroom, and only that, no study, only sleep!

I used to find myself staring at my beautiful, most favorite posters on my wall. That’s right, the most beautiful, and who else could that be, but Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears! These were my prize, most valued possessions. They came everywhere with me, to my beach house, to summers camp and even miniature versions in my locker.

Some or actually everyone who sees them thinks I am rather strange, or how shall I put it, OBSESSIVE! No one seems to relate to my fascination or to support it when all I ask for is a Britney Doll for my Birthday. “Don’t you want makeup, like every other 16 year old?” they question. But no, Britney and Justin are my favorite, most suited celebrity couple, even though, due to unfaithful acts on Britney’s behalf, they cease to remain partners. But I know in my heart that they will reunite sooner or later and discover their love has survived through all the heartache and celebrity rumours, after all, did Cameron Diaz REALLY think she could keep a much younger drop dead gorgeous guy like Justin interested? Just because Naomi Watts has managed to keep Heath Ledger on a leash, doesn’t mean Justin won’t run away!

Now due to my total fixation with Brit and Justin I have entered every possible competition, as every dedicated fan should, even mildly related to them. Two years ago I participated in the Dolly magazine comp, ‘in thirty words or less, why should you have lunch with Britney and Justin?’

Now I have to admit, my application for that competition wasn’t the best but I really, truly wanted to meet them and when the winner was announced on the radio, I was in tears, knowing that I had missed out on a chance of a life time! What was even worse was that the girl who won wasn’t even a true Britney and Justin fan! When she was told she had won, she just let out an absolutely fake squeal, and made comments about wanting Justin for herself, and never really liking Britney! Now how could one even think of breaking up such a worshipped couple?

That’s when I ask myself, ‘what kind of maniacs are in our society, what will be the future for these severely unbalanced people, wanting to destroy happiness and beauty, for the sake of personal gratification?’

Moving on from such a horrifying experience, required perseverance and goals. I slowly came to terms with the fact that someone else had won and I wasn’t going to meet Justin and Britney any time soon, so I devoted my time into renovating my ‘BRITNEY & JUSTIN- together 4ever’ shrine on top of my book shelf. I set out time frames and goals of competitions and managed to collect every printed picture of either of them over two whole years!

Next came the BREAKUP! I wasn’t able to go to school for two days, knowing that they had separated, the couple who were so gorgeous together, and the couple who had earned a place on my wall for so long, the couple who had looked so in love! Extensive research and numerous enquiries developed into more heartache, when it was proved that Britney had infact cheated on Justin with one of her male dancers. I wasn’t able to look at the poster of Britney for several weeks, and every time I would wake up in the morning I would turn around quickly, in just enough time to only catch a glimpse of her! Finally I came to the conclusion that Britney was human after all and had not intentionally meant to break Justin’s heart, so I forgave her and once again set out on my quest to meet them.

Soon after the breakup, I received a phone call from Britney’s advertising agency notifying me of winning first prize in the ‘Britney and Justin’ fan site on the net competition. I had not even entered and now I had won! I had spent about two years putting the page together, but had never expected to be rewarded for it! It was like a miracle, I had won the chance to fly to L.A and spend a day with Britney or Justin! That’s when I realized what I had been told. I had to choose, Britney OR Justin. It was unthinkable, to have to choose between my favorite two celebrity’s, it was like an all time disaster!

I explained to the man on the phone that I had to meet both, and they had to be together, but he said that it was impossible, since they had both refused to be in the same city, let alone room together!

After hours of contemplating, I decided that I would spend the day with Justin Timberlake. It was one of the most difficult decisions I had ever made in my entire life, and I was hoping it was the right one.

Before long I was sitting on a plane, waiting to land, longing to meet Justin. I got off my plane and as I was looking for my ride to my hotel I could hear yelling and screaming and when I turned around I was face to face with BRITNEY and JUSTIN. That’s right, I was finally granted my wish, I was able to see the two of them together! I interrupted their argument and introduced myself, explaining that I was the one who had won the competition to meet them. They both stared at me for less than ten second and then Britney told me to get lost and stop annoying them! I was emotionally ruined! I had spent my whole life, or as long as I could remember, dreaming of this moment and know it had passed in less than one minute.

I was speechless, I just turned and ran away, ran as far as I could, and didn’t stop till I collapsed. I ended up in the airport toilets crying and wishing I was back home.

It was then that I realized that I had built up such a powerful image of them, without even knowing them, and now it had been crushed, but not only crushed, it had been ruined for ever and I found myself wondering why I had wasted so much of my time on them. They were high profile celebrities, of course they didn’t care what I wanted, they had to much power, and with to much power came to much selfishness!!!!!!!!




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