My personal level of comfort varies, as well.  Even when I expect to be in a crowd, though, pushing and shoving bothers me.  I don’t mind people that I know making contact with me, but physical contact with strangers makes me uncomfortable, especially when I can’t see the person’s face or hands.  I am not sure why I feel so uncomfortable, since I’ve never had any real trouble in crowds.  I’m not claustrophobic and I don’t have panic attacks, though.  I don’t even mind anyone sitting next to me, as long as that person sits quietly and doesn’t move in too close, but someone leaning over my shoulder is annoying at first and unsettling if it continues for any length of time.

I highly value my personal privacy, particularly on the Internet.  It makes me uncomfortable that anyone can know anything about me by using various search methods on the Internet, in a relatively short period, simply by having my phone number or the name of the city in which I live.  At home, I tend to keep my shades drawn so that people can’t look inside at night.  I like my room to be “my room,” as well; other people going in and out at will bothers the heck out of me.  I love having people visit me, but my private space remains my own under most circumstances and guests are limited to the public areas of the house.  I can understand wanting privacy when you’re tired.  I’m the same way and don’t like it when people are around if I’m at less than my mental best.




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