To achieve a definite compact mass of masonry, there always requires some binding material, which can be easily transformed into a paste and can firmly hold bricks or stones together. The most popular and prominent binding materials of the present age are lime and cement, as they are not found in nature in ready form; they have to be prepared from raw materials. The parent raw material from which they are derived is limestone found abundantly in nature. Cement is a finally powdered substance, which possesses strong adhesive powers, when combined with water.

This is widely used as a material for cementing purpose in construction industry. Now a day, cement is considered as an important binding material due to its use in the building industry. It is used in making all types of construction/buildings, and its demand increases with the improvement in real income, urbanization and education. At the time of independence there were only four cement factories in Pakistan, by the time the population increased, which also enhanced the construction activities and hence gave birth to a reasonable demand of cement in the country.

The increase in population justified the erection of new cement plants in the country; so, at present we have 28 cement producing plants, in which 23 are producing cement now, one cement plant if for only white cement and 4 are going to start producing cement by the end of this year, and these plants are producing yearly about 18 million tons of cement. The BCG Matrix of HP RELATIVE MARKET SHARE POSITION High Medium Low 1. 0 0. 0 0. 0 High G +20 R STARS QUESTION MARKS O II I W T laptops 16% Medium R 0 A TPC computers 28% E CASH COWS DOGS (%) III IV Low -20

This BGC Matrix shows that the market share of HP laptops is 16% in 2007 as it is mentioned in Case study and if we talk about the PC computers there is huge market share of HP PCs that is 28%. According to the BCG Matrix it we can say that there is growth in laptops market and it can be changed in Cash Cows from stars. And for it HP Company has to implement the Backward, forward or horizontal integration, Market penetration, Market Development and Product Development. Because the share and growth rate lies at Star quadrant and for that Hp has to implement these Strategies.

And if we talk about PC Computers then According to the BCG Mtrix we can say that they have already a huge market share of market and the growth is not increasing as much as the growth of Laptops and because of the huge market share of PCs HP company has to implement the, Product Development, Diversification, Retrenchment and Divestiture because the market share is high but the growth is slightly decreasing and it lies at Cow Cash quadrant and for that Hp has to implement these Strategies.



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