Define Mobile Menu

Speech bubbles are telling you how to do things.

The square boxes are hints on how to make it better.

Section 1: Setting up the worksheets

In this section, I am showing how I set up my sheets and named my cells and sheets.

Section 2: Setting up the zones – floor 2

In this section I am showing how I created my seating zones and added a logo. |

Section 3 Hiding the gridlines

In this slide, you click on; Tools, Options and then at the bottom take out the tick next to Gridlines, so that they are hidden.

Section 4: Setting up Data Validation

You also have to create a error message, so if somebody types in a letter that is not valid, a message comes up explaining why it isn’t working.

Section 6: Setting up Conditional Formatting

To Set Up The Conditional Formatting You Have To.

Section 7: Setting up the messageboard

Section 8: Naming Cells (Naming Zones)

Section 9a: Using Counta;

Section 9b: Using Countblank;

Section 9c: Using CountIF;

Section 10: Using If statements to display messages

=IF(AR13>20, “Seats Available”, (IF(AR13=0, “None Available”, “Limited Seats”)))

Section 11: Not Needed.

Section 12: Using CountIF statements to count the number of Adults, Teenagers & Children


Section 13: Linking cells (e.g. linking floor 1 and floor 2)

Section 14: Setting up the accounts page

Section 15: Creating a menu

Section 16: Creating macros to link the worksheets together

Section 17: Decorating the booking system

Section 18: Locking Cells



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