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I am going to write about the pros and cons of boot camp. Are boot camps worth it? Will boot camps benefit him or her and the parents? Will the child come out different from what they came as. Boot camps started to pop up in the 1990s and started to become very popular throughout the United States. Boot camps were believed to reduce the number of repeat offenders and to lower operational costs. This type of rehab system is like an aftercare activities are thought to bring ongoing changes in inmates behavior.

Boot camps are strongly supported by politicians and the public. Some research suggest that boot camp prisons are ineffective in reducing future inmates from committing crimes. Researchers found that some participants reported some positive changes in their behavior they also had better problem solving skills and coping skills. The positive changes did not lead to reduce recidivism. Some of the boot camps that did produce lower recidivism rates offered more treatment services, had longer sessions and had more intense post release supervision.

Under a only a small portion of boot camps really see any results in prison population and correctional costs. What are the three biggest reason why prison boot camps fails to reach the goals that the prison population and recidivism fail to reach? First one of the reasons why boot camps fail, is because they fail to reduce the prison population through early volunteering for these types of boot camps are unnecessary. Lack of standards for the boot camp model. The last one is insufficient focus on offenders reentry into the community.

What are boot camps? Boot camps are in prison or juvenile programs that usually target the youth. Boot camps resemble military basic training, that are used to train solders in the military. While in boot camp he or she goes through strenuous physical training, drill, ceremony and manual labor to keep the person busy most of the time while in boot camp. Most of the time the correctional officers act as drill instructors like they do in the military. The instructors will break you down mentally and physically.

Instructors do this because they want to see every individual make a positive change in their lives, while they still have a chance. Statically speaking there are 75 state operated boot camps for adults. State and local agencies operate 30 juvenile boot camps. The larger counties operate 18 boot camps in local jails. The early boot camps usually the ones that started to just pop up just focused on military discipline, hard labor. Boot camps that are here today are more of a rehab facility that offers half of what the last sentence has and the other half being rehabbing the individuals mind, body and social skills.

Other boots camps also had post release supervision such as house arrest and urine test basically a person that is on probation. Are females allowed in boot camps? Yes. females are allowed in boot camps but the women are not doing very hard labor like the men would do. The women usually mop floors clean bathrooms, women can’t do hard labor because it will mess up there body. The girls do more rehab programs and awareness programs they still get discipline and order and ceremony but they’re not doing very intense labor.



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