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Were the British Empire’s influences and actions in Africa good or bad? The British Empire controlled the Southern Africa for a long time until all the colonies of British started to rebel and get independence. Africa got their independence from British too. After the British left, the Africans started to organize and develop. The British left both good and bad impacts to the Africans. In earlier times, British had already invaded the coasts of Africa and started to “traded” with the Africans.

Actually, they traded useless things to Africans, such as plastic, glass. And they took things which were much more valuable from them, such as gold, wood and other resources. Later, when the British was running through the industrial revolution, the technology, medical, army, navy were more advanced and organized comparing with the old times. They had over come the illness in the deeper places of Africa and started to send armies, navies to conquer more areas in the southern Africa.

Then the British ruled the blacks and didn’t trade with them. They just took everything they wanted back to British. They caught slaves to sell or trade with the other countries. They thought the blacks were children and they can’t rule themselves. So the British thought it was okay to control and rule the natives with giving no rights to them. The natives had no right to vote in the British and they can just serve the invaders under their advanced weapons.

Until the 18 centuries, the British stopped the slave trades and started to give a little bit of right to the Africans. They built railways and developed in Africa. They made connections between the rural areas and the urban areas. Communications were made between the outside world and Africa. Although developments appeared in Africa, all benefits owned by the British Empire and only very few were given to the natives. After the Second World War, lots of colonies’ controls were given back to the natives.

Africans ruled their own lands, however, because of the natives didn’t have a chance to learn about the whole system of ruling a piece of land. That made a huge gap between the physical developments and the inside mind developments. Until now, most of the African countries still can’t get a well development on politics and economy. The British Empire did left developments on a very little amount of African countries. In general, the British left extreme negative impacts on Africa and also took away a lots from them.



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