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Business studies Assignment Case study This is an individual assessment. Students are required to analyze the case (Recruitment and Selection at tesco ) and submit a written report before 4th november 2012. This assignment is worth 10% of total assignment Lenth of the report 1300 to 1500 words 1. With reference of another author, define the terms recruitment and selection. How do these processes enable an organization like Tesco to get the right people to fill its posts? (10marks) 2. Describe how job descriptions and person specifications are helpful in the selection process? What other purposes might a job description be used for?

Design a job advertisement for any job of your choice that can be applied at Tesco. (20marks) 3. Analyze Tesco’s methods of attracting and recruiting candidates. Outline what you consider to be the main strengths and weaknesses of one of these methods. (10marks) 4. Evaluate the benefits for Tesco of using both interviews and assessment centers in the selection process. (10 marks) 5. what is the role of appraisal systems in organizations such TESCO? How can it be carried out and what are the benefits of such appraisals to the organizations and the individual employees (25marks) 6.

It could be argued that recruitment is the most important function at TESCO? Do you agree with this view? Are these other aspects that TESCO need to consider in managing human resources? If so, explain (25marks) Assessment Criteria Your report will be marked using the following assessment criteria: 1. Demonstrated evidence of a sound knowledge of the topic and use the appropriate terminology accurately. 2. Ability to analyze the subject using the principles / ideas introduced during the module. You must show evidence of critical thinking about the topic. 3.

Evidence of relevant reading / research to support the solutions. 4. Use of language: Display of good standard of English with few grammatical errors or spelling mistakes and written in an academic style. 5. ————————————————- Adequate & appropriate in – text referencing that is consistent throughout the text and in the reference list. 6. ————————————————- Use of proper format (Include cover page, proper headings, fonts, page number and spacing. Use Times New Roman, Font size 12 and 1. 5 spacing). ————————————————-



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