Grad School Application Essay

Personal Statement for Graduate SchoolMy choice to pursue further education in speech and language pathology is drawn from my past experiences as well as my desires or objectives towards establishing my career in the same field. Based on this analogy, I humbly submit my application to your reputable organization for enrollment consideration. As I mentioned, my past has shaped my present desires and future goals in developing knowledge around speech-language pathology. As a child, I...
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My inspiration to write

Virginia Woolf once stated that Every secret of a writer`s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works. I have approached life in such a manner: I want to understand the human condition, but more importantly, I want to understand myself. My path to calling myself a writer has been circuitous. By taking time away from academia and experiencing the world, I have found inspiration for writing.My experiences growing...
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Existence of god research paper

What is the ontological argument for the existence of God?The ontological argument is focused on depicting the existence of God through reasoning. From the ontological argument, there is the emphasis of the existence of God both in reality and in understanding (Wolfson, 2008). From a reasoning perspective, we believe that there is a superior being. Hence, the existence of the superior being emanates from conception and acceptance of the realities.What is Gaunilo's perspective about the...
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Scholarships application letter

Letter of application for scholarship sampleBecoming a marketer has been a dream of mine ever since I was a young girl. Having grown in a family of secure and educated people, my parents played important roles in instilling proper educational values and principles about marketing, which is among the major areas in the field of business. Over time, my interest in marketing has tremendously grown as I have come to realize that it is the...
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Leadership issues

Qualities of a leaderLeadership comes with a lot of responsibility. There are diverse qualities that a leader should possess. Among these qualities are; confidence, transparency, innovation, patience, stoicism in some situations, open-mindedness, personable, persistence and accountability. However, despite having all the above attributes there may arise differences among the leaders which may lead to the rise of many issues.Twelve Angry Men is a film production of 1957 which primarily concentrates on a jury's decisions in...
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How to write a fundraising proposal

Fundraising applicationTitle: Proposal to Seek Fund for Organization W Program to Reduce Pneumonia in the CommunityEstablishing a succinct title to the grant program proposal is one of the main skills of drawing the attention of the audience while writing an RFP and FOA. Although the title can be brief, it should clearly indicate the objectives of the program as well as the purpose for the grant requested (Egiebor, 2015). SponsorsEssentially, the program must indicate who the...
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Converting Passion into Inspiration

The compulsion to create stories is an omnipresent passion inside a writer. Each story, short or long, deep or simple, represents a piece of the inner mind and emotion of its author. The inspiration behind the stories, however, does not always flow easily from the writer`s keyboard, no matter how deep the writer`s passion. As a graduate student pursuing a master`s degree in Creative Writing, I have a dream of entering the publishing industry as...
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Sample letter of application

Dear Professor,I am an international second-year student at CUNY-College with a major in Nursing. I am originally from (France) and came America a few years ago. Despite the fact that my coming to America was marred by a lot of challenges, for instance, little knowledge of English, I have since settled and loved the atmosphere here.Here in America, I am under the care of my uncle. My parents are in still in (France). We talk...
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How do you find inspiration for writing

Writing is therapeutic word art, which allows many to be as personal or impersonal as they want. Taught at a very young age to use your words to express your feelings is exactly what writing allows. Writing can become a person`s mouthpiece. When verbal words tend to fail to surface, writing step forth in away to project the hidden words and emotions. Years ago the trend of diaries were very high, everyone wanted to have...
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A small place research

Tourists in "A Small Place" of KincaidIn her book, “A Small Place” Kincaid is angry towards the tourists and she depicts them as ugly due to the way they pose enjoying the view of the locals’ miserable lives. As such, the writer does not like the tourists because according to her it is a form of colonialism, but the locals do not realize it. Kincaid has therefore painted an ugly picture of the tourist. According...
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