What aspects of U. S. and Indian culture may have been a cause of Coke’s difficulties in India? There are four areas that of culture differences may cause the Coke’s difficulties in India. First of all, is the spoken and written language. During the contact with the India government, there might comes out some misunderstood with language express. Secondly is the service and empowerment. Asian culture is more conservative and the U. S. pays more attention on empowerment issues. Thirdly, is the laws, laws in the U. S. s much more wholesome than India. Fourthly, is the flavor preference difference between the two countries, that is why coke is not as popular in India as the America. 2. How might Coca-Cola have responded differently when this situation first occurred, especially in terms of reacting to negative perceptions among Indians of Coke and other MNCs? Firstly, it should apologize for the destroying of water resources in India, and then do some compensate for the villagers of Plachimada, like money or spring water, or other marketing strategies in that area.

Find ways to solve the problem because it still needs to plant there. Give guarantees via publics to ensure not destroy environment anymore. It is very important to MNCs to built good reputation and consumer loyalty in international market. 3. If Coca-Cola wants to obtain more of India’s soft drink market, what changes does it need to make? Firstly, it should change its style of advertisement to fit the flavor of Indian people and Indian culture. The package of the can add some Indian cultural factors to show Coca-Cola company pays more attention on Indian market.

Take more corporate social responsibilities as PepsiCo did. Some of Pepsi’s corporate social responsibility efforts have involved digging village wells, initiated efforts to reduce water waste at its Indian facilities because India is a country which lack of water resource. 4. How might companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo demonstrate their commitment to working with different cultures and respecting the cultural and natural environment of those societies?

Firstly, these companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo should totally research and understand the advantage and disadvantage of a country which they wish to entry. Like the religion taboo, the environment, what is the most important factor to the people who lived there. Secondly, do more corporate social responsibilities to the local place. From the perspective of the local people will help them successful their business.



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