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Proposal: Implementation of Microsoft Access Database BIS 220 [pic] Party Plates and Napkins Company Table of Contents Introduction3 Benefits of Implementing Microsoft Access3 Sales and Collaborative Software4 Table………………………………………………………………………………………………. 5 Conclusion5 References… …………………………………………………………………………………. ……6 Proposal: Implementation of Microsoft Access Database Introduction Our party plates manufacturing business is growing and our customer base numbers are increasing every month therefore I am writing this proposal to implement a “Relational Database Management system”.

The system we are proposing is Microsoft Access. The reason we are proposing to implement this new system is because since our business is growing it is getting cumbersome and time consuming to manage multiple “Excel” files to analyze company’s data. According to article by CPA Janet Samuels and Robert wood they suggest “Data handling and reporting capabilities of access are more efficient” (Samuels, Woods 2007). Excel should be used when we need to create a onetime report by plugging in data, however in access you will have to setup a database to form reports.

Therefore, we should implement the relational database so information is forever stored and accessible by employees to create different multiple reports. The benefits of implementing Microsoft Access over Excel are listed below. Benefits of Implementing Microsoft Access 1. We can easily import all of our Excel files in to access by using the External data ribbon. This imported data will be saved as one of the tables in the database file.

This is one of the major reason we are implementing “Access” because all of our current data will easily be imported in to Access. 2. Microsoft Access allows expanded flexibility regarding users who will not need extra training to edit data in Access, The software provides basic templates to get started or a user can go through a help wizard to start a database. 3. Single file save feature will allow us to create reports, queries, and forms from one file, while a single database size is capped at 2 gigabyte for one file that is more than enough for our company. . The last most important benefit of implementing Microsoft Access as our Relational database system is the cost of the software. It comes in Microsoft office package and will only cost us $100 to $200. Sales and Collaborative Software It is imperative that we define collaborative software. Collaborative software is a program that enables the sharing of data between numbers of computers. The purpose for the program is that it allows users to collectively work on the same documents.

This can be done from local and remote computer networks. Collaborative software can facilitate the way people communicate by instant messaging, sharing of email communications, calendar data, and video conferencing. Some of the benefits groupware offers are the ability to combine different planning, scheduling, and tracking proficiency into a single package. In the sales departments sales representatives can execute important tasks needed to accomplish sales oriented goals.

According to “What Is Collaborative Software” (2011), centralized data storage is the most notable benefit with respect to collaborative software. The storage is centralized and secured by only allowing users with an ID and password The software also allows multiple users to access the same data on different computers at once . Having collaborative software in any company large or small can be beneficial. The software offers different ways that helps boost productivity and helps employees complete projects in a timely manner. Table | | | |Enterprise content and document management |Configuration and customization | | | | |The SharePoint wheel | |With this application the company will be able|Web-based configuration |Share Point Marketing, is a wheel that breaks | |to keep track and store important |SharePoint Designer |down this software capabilities into the | |documentation.

This application is also able |I Integration of custom add-ons, these are |following: Sites, Communities, | |to keep track of different version used by |some of the tools that will allow the company |Content, Search, Insights and Composites. | |different users. The company will benefit |to edit, revise, design and customize the |Using SharePoint to set up a website and share| |because it will eliminate duplicate emails and|company’s website. |information with others, manage documents from| |duplicated work. | |start to finish, and publish reports to help | | | |everyone make better decisions. | Conclusion

In conclusion, we think converting our data to Microsoft Access would be a great benefit for our company for you to approve this proposal. The employees at Party Plates and Napkins Company need the new program to be able to import data in half the time so that we can focus on our customers. By using the new software we will be able to use new features that will allow us to single file save, create reports, and queries. Out team at Party Plates and Napkins is looking forward to your approval on our proposal. References What is Collaborative Software. (2011). Retrieved from http://www. wisegeek. com/what-is-collaborative-software. htm Samuels, J. A. , & Wood, R. E. (2007). Want More Effective and Efficient Data Analysis? Use Access!. Strategic Finance, 89(4), 47-51.

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