Guidance is a group of planned services that include counseling, it provides the trainee with miscellaneous information to upgrade his feeling of responsibility, understand himself and know his abilities and provide guidance services to trainees. Counselling is the procedural aspect of guidance; it is therefore the interaction that comes as a result of the vocational relationship between a specialized counselor and his student where the counselor assists the student to understand himself and his abilities and talents to achieve self and environmental compatibility in order to attain the appropriate degree of mental health in light of the techniques and specialized skills of the guidance process. Difference Between GUIDANCE AND COUNSELLING : 1-   Guidance is more general and comprehensive than counseling, it therefore includes counseling. –    Guidance usually precedes counseling and paves the way for it. Counseling follows guidance.

3-   Guidance stresses the theoretical aspect while counseling takes care of the practical aspect. 4-   Counseling is usually the relationship between the teacher and the student who comes for assistance; therefore it is an individualistic relationship. 1. Religious Counseling: The counselor cooperates with the Institute in urging the trainee to attend congregational prayer and implant Islamic values and Islamic doctrine into them through religious contests, lectures and connect activities and curricular with these Islamic values. . Preventive Counseling: The preventive counseling tries to prevent the occurrence of problems regarding study and training and it also tries to prevent social, psychological and health problems through inculcating awareness programs. 3. Educational Counseling: The educational counseling aims at assisting the trainee to proceed with his studies smoothly by receiving new trainees and selection of gifted trainees and trainees who stagger in their studies and set special programs that help develop their talents and capabilities. 4. Vocational and Educational Counseling:

The Educational and Vocational Counseling aims at educating the trainees about the various types of vocational and university education and the types of jobs and conditions of admission and employment at  institutes, centers, military vocational institutes and colleges in order to assist in connecting education with development plans. 5. Social and Ethical Counseling: Social and Ethical Counseling aims at finding the suitable environment which enables the trainee to acquire skills and expertise in order to interact with others in accordance with the Islamic teachings. GUIDANCE Definition Guidance is a process of helping young persons learns to adjust to self to others and to circumstances’. – Skinner. Needs of Guidance To help an individual to solve any complex situation. It is mainly created around educational needs, vocational needs & personal needs. It helps the child to adjust with situations and develop the ability to face problems and resolve them. To develop the personality of the child according to his inborn tendencies, traits and capacities. To provide all necessary information to the people to choose a better career and to get success in life. COUNSELLING Counselling is as old as society.

In every-day life we find counselling goes on at many levels-in a family set-up, parents counsel their children, in society doctors counsel patients, lawyers counsel clients and teachers counsel students. Concept of counselling * Counselling is a scientific process of assistance extended by an expert in an individual situation to a needy person. * Counselling involves relationship between two persons in which one of them (counselor) attempts to assist the other (counselee or client) is so organizing himself as to attain a particular form of happiness, adjusting to a life situation or in short self actualization.

It is a relationship of natural respect between counselor and counselee . In this private interview counselee acquires independence and develop a sense of responsibility. Counselling process is structured around the felt needs of the counselee. * The main objective of counselling is to bring about a voluntary change in client. For this purpose, the counselor provides facilities to help achieve the desired change or make the suitable choice.

The client alone is responsible for the decisions or the choice he makes, though the counselor may assist in this process by his warmth and understanding relationship. Thus counselor helps counselee to discover and solve his personal problems independently. . * Counselling and guidance are not synonymous terms. Guidance is a relatively more comprehensive process which includes counselling as one of its functions. * Counselling is a pat of guidance, not all of it. It is a specialized and individualized part of total guidance process. Thus all counselling is guidance but all guidance is not counselling.



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