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In today’s business environment, ethics take a toll far greater than that of previous years. It is more important now than ever that business ensure their ethics program is solid. For Upbeat Financial Service it is important to ensure the six characteristics that build a good solid ethical decision. Trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and good citizenship are known as the “six pillars of character. (Josephson, 2002) In this paper we are going to outline the services of Upbeat Financial Services and the moral and ethical issues they face. Upbeat Financial Services is a company that offers financial services and a “One-Stop Mortgage provider. ” They offer mortgages at the lowest rates available, credit reports, appraisal, and home inspections upon approved credit. (Placeholder1) Their mission statement is as follows; “Upbeat Financial Services will be the preeminent provider of low cost mortgage services using state-of-the-art technology in the five state areas of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

We thank you in supporting our mission! ” Upbeat Financial Services offer their clients the most efficient and effective processing of mortgage applications from beginning to end. Not only do they work with families and individuals that are purchasing properties, but they also service professionals looking for a secondary or a primary residence, and retirees looking to purchase secondary or a primary residence. This wide range of clients could present some ethical dilemmas. Let us now take a look at some of the moral and ethical dilemmas that Upbeat Financial Services may encounter.

It is important that we first know what morals and ethics are. Morals are principals of right and wrong regarding one’s behavior and character based on those principals. Ethics are defined as a set of moral principles or values. The moral and ethical issues with Upbeat Financial Services will be to provide a good, dependable service. First, Upbeat Financial Service needs to ensure that they treat every client with dignity and respect, and follow the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule is valid in all aspects of life including personal and professional.

Even in the most complex of situations, reverting to the Golden Rule of “do unto others” can reveal which decision will be ethical and which decision will not. (Josephson, 2002) In the real world there are people that do not treat others fairly, that do not treat others with compassion, and there are others that do not treat others honestly. For Upbeat Financial Services it will be important that employees treat every client the same way they would like to be treated as if they were the client.

Another ethical dilemma that arose by the concern of Hugh was the concern about security of personal financial information. With the rise in electronic crimes it is important the Upbeat Financial Services protect their client’s information with leading edge technology. As Hugh said in a discussion with Abram LaBelle “security is very important. ” (Network Transcript, 2009) In addition to securing the clients personal information from internet criminals, the physical security of the computers in the offices will need to be safe from unethical decisions as well.

It would be completely unethical to have any of the company’s client information leak onto the internet for all to view. Because Upbeat Financial Services will be working with not only clients, but lenders and creditors as well, it is important that they not only follow the law, but that they follow their morals as well. Some people have a false pretense that an action that is not illegal is also not unethical or unmoral. Even though there may be some work around to bypass the law, is it really ethical to do so?

Upbeat Financial Services executives need to ensure that each location is not only following the law, but that they are also creating a good moral and ethical workplace that customers can feel good about working with. Another big ethical dilemma that may arise with Upbeat Financial Services is that an employee’s professional duty can sometimes conflict with personal demands. A reward system that can be faulty will in time lead to unethical and unmoral behavior.

Because the brokers at Upbeat Financial Service will be working on a commission based salary, a self-interested broker might choose the path that leads him or her to the highest returns. In doing so, brokers might be making LEGAL but unethical and unmoral decision. Even though Upbeat Financial Services are offering a flat rate fee of $1500 for their services to their clients, the company will also be receiving fees from lenders as well. If one lender is offering a higher rate than another, which leads to a higher commission for the broker, brokers may in time make a poor ethical decision.

When dealing with personal client information, It is important to run a business with morals and ethics that will ensure the safety and security of the information being entrusted. For Upbeat Financial Services, a big ethical concern will be the security of client information and as long as they use good ethics and follow the “Golden Rule,” they should have no problems. In this paper we discussed the business nature of Upbeat Financial Services and some of the ethical and moral problems they will face. Bibliography (n. d. ). Josephson, M. (2002). Makin Ethical Decisions. Los Angeles: Wes Hanson.



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