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In this case study I have chosen one of the following organisations from my previous task “McDonalds. ” I have chosen McDonald’s because they are a very popular worldwide fast food restaurant and also they have a various amount of stake holders. Owners: Owners want to prosper and make money. They also need to care about how the business is running and how it will be more successful by investing money. If McDonald’s wasn’t as successful as it is today then owners wouldn’t be as confident to keep their service running.

Customers: Customers play a huge part in the business of McDonald’s an0d how it is run because without customers a business will not be successful. Customers have given McDonald’s the name it is today by going in and buying the products to keep the business running and also they can help owners make improvements. Suppliers: Suppliers of McDonald’s will be out of business if McDonald’s were not as popular as they are today and McDonald’s wouldn’t have been as successful if they didn’t have suppliers and their products to sell.

Employees: Employees are as important as Owners in McDonald’s because they attend work and help the business achieve its goals by making the business successful also without employees, McDonald’s would be a lost cause because most employees run the business because they are usually set out in different departments to help customers focus on who to ask for assistant. Trade unions/ employer associations: Trade unions play a big role in McDonald’s because they are the people that make it happen for employers by giving them a job and without trade unions employees will not know what’s right and what’s wrong.

Employer associations have an huge aspects in the role of business because without staff in a business a business will not be successful and staff make a business a business and would not be one without them. Local and national communities: Local and national communities are important to McDonald’s because they are a famous international fast food store and without their local and national communities they would have never been where they are today.

They are usually concerned if the business is being successful and has no risks to bring them down, they can help and participate because they can give in good words to the business world about how McDonald’s should be run. Pressure groups: McDonald’s will do everything to avoid pressure groups because they have an huge impact in the world being run in different continents they need to make sure they do not lose the publics trust and the publics face or then pressure groups will be involved in McDonald’s business.

Pressure groups are usually interest groups and can take over the business if it loses its face. Government: McDonald’s need the government in their business because they receive taxes, the more money McDonald’s makes the more the government make, so they will go out of their way to make sure that McDonald’s are successful and reaching their goals because it they fail then the government will not be getting their moneys worth.



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