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Jadah Barber Dr. Patricia Leaf-Prince Section 08 9/10/12 SLAP “Keep your hands off my mama, keep your hands off my Doritos!!! ” This was the phrase that sent millions into a roaring laugh during the 2010 Superbowl Doritos commercial. This commercial says a lot about Doritos, considering the little boy holds them to the standard of his own mother implies that his love for them is just the same as the love he has for his mother. In many was this commercial was effective.

One way was showing the little boy picking a fight with someone who is clearly bigger and stronger than him, another was the love the boy had for his Doritos made me feel like I just had to have some just to see if I feel the same way. Lastly the young boys emotion towards the man conveyed a sense of anger and seriousness implying that, at that very moment there was absolutely nothing more serious that a strange man in his house eating his Doritos. The commercial starts and we see an African American male knocking on a door with flowers, an African American female comes to the door and takes the flowers.

Here we see they are obviously about to go out on a date. When the little boy is first introduced to the commercial he is seen with a look of anger. He drops his game controller to show the viewer that he is in fact mad about something. The man picks up a Dorito and starts talking to the boy. Here the man is just trying to be nice but the little boy gets mad, slaps the man and tells him to keep his hands off of his mama and his Doritos. The slap was unexpected, humorous and effective all at the sane time.

While all of this was going on, the thought that flew through my head was “what was so good about these Doritos that it made a little boy want to slap a grown man and tell him to keep his hands off? ” We see in commercial that the love he has for his mother is the same love he has for his Doritos. We know this because he phrases his words In such a way that he puts his mother and his Doritos on the same level. The commercial is implying that Doritos are so good they would make you slap someone if they tried to take any from you at any time.

The young boy was mad at the man the whole commercial. From the moment the boy first entered the commercial he was angry for some reason. He never once took his eye off the older man, he wanted to keep staring just to make it a point that he was in fact mad. In the beginning he was mad that this man was coming in to take his mother out but the slap only came in when the man put his hands in the Doritos bowl sitting in the middle of the table. This commercial was effective.

It made the viewer feel like “If the Doritos were that important to him they must be really good. ” Every feeling the this commercial was trying to display was felt through the TV screen. A serous moment for a little boy and his Doritos became a hilarious commercial for Superbowl millions of viewers Work Cited for Commercial on Web “Doritos Superbowl Commercial: Keep your hands off my mama & Doritos. ” Commercial. You Tube. 7 Feb. 2010 28 Sept. 2012. <http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=kJDLws_l3Ok>



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