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‘Billy Elliot’ is a film which should be seen by every teenager because its showing the people who will develop into adults in the near future that they can accomplish what they truly desire the most, even if it looks like the likelihood is doubtful, as shown in the movie by performer Jamie Bell. It is showing the determination of a teenage r whose perseverance fulfilled his ambition and dreams. It should be watched by adolescents mainly because it is proving even if individuals always want to bring you down, you can still turn out to be what you always wanted to become.

The scene I am investigating is the one I consider made Billy realise that he could accomplish his aspiration and become a dancer. This is where he is left alone to lock up the hall after the dancers finish, but he starts joining in into the beat. Close-up you can see the amazement in his face and the passion gathering him inside him to join in the weekly dance group. The music in the setting is a gradual increase from no sound to sound until the lesson is over. There are variations between the shots in this scene. It starts from a long shot showing Billy in a distance, like a view from the dancers, gradually becoming into a medium shot, showing us Billy from knees up. He enjoyed the new learning experience of something he always wanted to do. I believe though that because of his worried nature of him being found out because of the sexual stereotyping back in those times, that he doesn’t make a full judgement of what he should do. This relates to the issues of teenagers growing up, always wanting to fit in with others even if it destroys their optimism of having a life they have always yearn for. I think Billy’s response of his first dance lesson was of amazement of the atmosphere of ballet.

However, due to the society that we are living in now of stereotypical behaviour in our communities and his narrow mindedness, Billy is haste of his decision of pursuing his dance profession. There are a lot of gender issues because the mining community then thought of dancing as a female activity. Nowadays this problem wouldn’t surface as much because of the change of lifestyle and thoughts we now have of different activities that used to be simply for boys or girls. I think this scene is dramatic because he is joining the class but keeping it a secret from everyone he knows. Maybe he is concerned that he will be known as a bizarre adolescent in his social and stereotypical community he lives in. due to boys in the mining area were used to taking up boxing or football or more “masculine” sports as Billy’s father exclaims.

The next scene I’m investigating is when Billy finally learns how to pirouette. I chose this scene because it is showing something that carries on throughout the film. Perseverance to get things accomplished. Billy’s motive in this scene is to learn something new and do it well, because he want to bring out the best he can achieve I assume. For him to do so, he went and ascertained more knowledge for him to become even better. His practicing shows to me that he won’t give up until he knows he can do it, showing a lot of determination even through the difficult times in his community.

I think Billy responded to this challenge very well. He took it on himself to justify his brilliance in the dance technique. When he did the pirouette, Billy was filled with excitement as well as joy. Maybe because he didn’t believe he could do it, and when he accomplished it he believed that nothing can prevent his dreams. The scene was made amusing and dramatic, because when he failed doing the pirouettes it makes people laugh in how it was done and the way individuals are still telling him to improve even though he has mastered the technique, but seeing him trying and trying again helps teenagers get motivated and never give up in what they are doing, even if it looks impossible at the start. I believe that this scene was to help teenagers help get motivated, as it will help them persevere in the end.

The final prospect I’m investigating is the end scene of the movie. This is viewing Billy close up (CU) before he performs to the spectators with his family and friends within them. I believe that in this situation, he is nervous and excited that he will perform in something he can perform and can achieve well. I believe he is nervous because he has been waiting for this opportunity to finally arise, and since it has arisen he is anxious but enthusiastic to do what he loves the most, dancing. This scene is displaying different prospects to be evaluated.

It is showing that there isn’t an issue of gender in the present time now because the ballet was only done by professional male dancers that were viewed before the performance. I believe this scene filled shows Billy’s identity because he is not hiding behind his lies anymore and is spreading his achievement nationally in the stage for all to see. In earlier scenes of the movie, Billy was to himself I believe, an individual because I think he was still grieving the loss of his mother. However dancing helped him overcome his barriers and developed his individuality into a more cooperative manner with his local colleagues.

I like Billy Elliot because it is showing what I believe all teenagers experience on their journey to what they always want to become in life. But what I like in the movie, is that even through the entire struggle that Billy went through, his motivation and diligence got him to where he wanted to be, and that is what teenagers in his position must try and achieve. It was very humorous because it is showing us ordinary life in a community as well.



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