Even though globalization affects the world’s economies in a positive way, its negative side should not be forgotten. Discuss. Along with the development of the whole world, the globalization begin to affect the some countries’ economy. Many people think that it is good for all of the world, however, only some countries get benefits from it. A lot of developing countries become worse because of the globalization. Chemical factories produce many poison gas of liquid in to the environment which is really bad to the countries.

Therefore, the developed countries decide to remove the factories from their own land to others’ land. They establish the chemical factories on the land of developing countries. Then the chemical products are releasing in those countries. Globalization destroys the developing countries’ environment. For the developed countries, they have their own completed system on economy. The can handle most of the problem they meet. The globalization gives them chances to get in some developing and poor countries. They introduce their product to poor countries in a cheap price with the high quality.

In this way, the developed countries earn a lot of money. However, it also kills plenty of national factories and companies, because their economics system is not as perfect as those first world countries. Globalization harms the weak countries’ economy. The globalization builds a lot of bridges between the rich countries and poor countries. Then the rich countries can gain advantage from the poor countries in a more convenient way. Globalization also make the gap between rich countries and poor countries much huger in a short time.



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