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Andrew Smyth and his family were living in absolute poverty; all they had was a pre 2010 terraced house and an ancient colour television. In a time when electronics and gadgets had become part of everyday life, this was not much.

The family only made a small income too. Granny Smyth was lucky as she was old enough to claim an OAP, but America managed to conquer the world and the Republican’s were the leaders.

They kept OAP’s to a bare minimum and banned the over 60’s from working. Time was going forward, but freewill was going back. It was a time when everyone had to speak fluent American-dialect and all other languages were permanently aborted. The electric chair had returned and was worse than ever.

Andrew was working in the family orchard, which was doing terribly. They had several months of drought, making the apple yield very small. The only thing that kept them alive was the Universal lotto. It was a lottery that all of the countries in the world had to contribute to, so the Jackpots were always ridiculous. This week though was even more ridiculous, the Jackpot was a staggering $40 billion. And that is where our story begins.

It’s Friday night for Andrew Smyth. A time when families come together, have a nice meal and sit in front of the television to watch the Universal Lotto. Each member of the Smyths’ sits patiently to see if the dream will become a reality. The Jackpot total appears.

“Wow! $40 Billion” thought Andrew. Granny Smyth fainted because it was so much. The family helped her whilst Andrew was waiting for the big numbers to appear on the screen.

When watching the lotto, you know you are not going to win, Andrew was clever, and he worked out that the chances of winning were over 1 billion / 1 but he still watched it, just in case the inevitable might happen.

The T. V was babbling and then “6”.

Granny became conscious. “We’ve got that!” then she fainted again.

“Look, there is no way that the numbers are going to follow a sequential order, especially our one!”


“We selected that didn’t we Andy!” answered Mrs Smyth with Granny in one arm and a cigarette in the other.

“Yes, mum” in an ‘I don’t care’ kind of tone.

“30” said the television

“We’re gonna win a tenner” said Mr Smyth.


“No, more! At least a 100”


Andrew noticed that if the bonus was a 36, then he would be the richest man in Britain.

“And the bonus ball is, 93”

Andrew fainted, in one second, his dreams had been crucified.

“Sorry, it’s upside down. It is actually, 36”

“Wake up, Andrew, our life of poverty is over!”

“How much, mum, how much did we win?

“100, 1000, one million?”

“We, we won, all of it!” Stuttered Mrs Smyth

“Te-n b-bill-ion e-achhh!” She was flabbergasted! Her whole family never had any money and now she had enough money to live for 1 million years. She fell.

The whole family was now semi-conscious and lying on the floor in absolute shock.

But this story isn’t about them, it is about Andrew. The rest of the family leave this story and never come back.

A week later when Andrew bought everything he wanted, he decided to go to the local market, as he wanted to find something else to buy.

The market was filled with beautifully shaped coloured bottles, useless but useful junk and a large wall where all of the men were. The wall leads to Andrew’s old orchard (the family sold it as they didn’t need it). Andrew now knew why his garden smelt so badly. There were many sellers of all different shapes and sizes, but they could all speak the same language: business. They knew what people wanted and stocked it. The stalls were all very similar. Place after place sold exactly the same things. It wasn’t for Andrew though. He wanted something different. New, exciting, adventurous, something that he could enjoy for years to come, and he had found it.

It was a small stall but had a lot of space. No items, just people and a middle-aged man who seemed to know every trick in the book. A trust worthy face, red jacket, silver pants (trousers) and a keen eye for the wealthy. Andrew was carrying lots of shopping bags from places in London: Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty’s and even Macy’s. He was also wearing his fine real leather jacket and a pair of Armani suit trousers.

The con-man knew that Andrew was not used to money, besides he had been in the business for years.

He started his speech again, but this time he focused mainly Andrew but still managed to project his Mona Lisa eyes across the whole crowd.

“Roll up, roll up. Anywhere, anytime! That’s right you can travel to any era today, by time machine now! Only a quarter of a million dollars!”

The con-man noticed Andrew’s eyes speak. ‘Wow, only’ they said.

The con-man replied with his eyes too. ‘Come, over’

Andrew was hypnotised into going forward, towards the con-man.

“I would like a ride” said Andrew excitedly with a fat wad of cash in one hand and all of his shopping in the other.

“How much? 250”

“No, it is half a million.”

Andrew was sure he heard 250,000 before, but he didn’t want to sound stupid

Andrew opened up his Liberty bag carefully, as to not ruin his expensive ceramics and took out a slightly smaller bag. Inside of this, was $1,000,000’s of cash. He gave the con-man 2 fat wads of the notes. The con-man held the notes in a way so that it seemed as if this just happens every day.

“Well then, follow me”

The con-man took Andrew to a large warehouse style room, which Andrew had never seen before in his life. It was a fresh creamy colour, but quite grotty too. The paint had been cracking.

When Andrew saw this, he felt very uncomfortable and just thought that they could have just moved premises.

Him, the con-man and Andrew’s shopping walked straight through the doors. The door wasn’t even locked. Inside, it was empty except for a massive silver egg shaped object. It was so shiny and clean that it looked completely unused. Another person stood next to this egg. “Hi”, he said. “I am going to take you to your chosen year. But! I warn you, you are only allowed to visit an indoor area and you are not allowed to leave this area otherwise there will be consequences. The man was tall with silvery-grey hair, a tall, long St Nicholas beard and dirty white jacket. Andrew presumed that he was the inventor of this time machine

“What is your chosen year?”

“2002, I want to see freewill.” Replied Andrew

“Ok, 2002, it is. Anywhere in particular?”

“The old UN, I want to see what it was like before a single country of power!”

By this point, the con-man had mysteriously disappeared

The inventor and Andrew stepped inside the massive egg. The inventor, pressed on a load of buttons, yet he didn’t seem to know what he was doing.

He felt like he was falling

“Wow!” He thought. “I never knew that the past was underground.

“We’re here!” cried the inventor.

Andrew felt like he was in the UN building, but there was something not quite right.

There were all the representatives from all the countries debating war but still something did not feel just quite right.

He was there at the back listening to all the speeches made by the figureheads of countries but the language seemed to be quite cluttered. For example all the representatives spoke English and he could have sworn that the British representatives spoke American-dialect.

4hrs later, after Andrew understood the debate, he returned to the warehouse but did not feel like his money went a long way. He decided though to ask for their names encase he felt like going again one day though.

Andrew decided to ask the inventor:

“I am Mr John and he is Mr Adam” He replied.



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