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All being a player in the Collaborative Consumption space, aims to promote the noble idea of sharing things. Instead of buying new things for one time use or so, people should rather rent them or get them from someone who doesn’t need them. Adding Gamification elements to ShareAll’s services should result in one (or more) of the following: 1. Existing customers may be motivated to share more products, in turn protecting ShareAll’s position in the market. . New customers will be prompted to share more, thereby generating more activity on the website 3. The sharing activity of these customers will lead to generation of more ‘shares’ which would have a direct impact on the  company’s profit making abilities. 4. Gamification for good will also play a role here by preserving the value of the shared products over time. 2. Delineate Target Behaviors: We want people to share more (leading to more shares being traded & income generated for the company).

Since there is no existing player in the category (existing players being very confined to only one kind of product/service) & ShareAll has a competitive advantage by having a patent in the category, it can use it to the fullest extent by publicizing itself as the only place where people can go online and do things which they cannot do anywhere at present. It can do so by collecting user data in the registration phase, by offering people a bazillion categories to choose from and getting their personal information like their likes, dislikes, hobbies, areas of interests, etc.

This will enable the company to target them in the most efficient way possible, by using advanced matching techniques, so that if a person is looking to share something, he/she may only see the listings that are from people with the similar areas of interests, likes/dislikes as they have! This would motivate people to opt for this service as this can prove to be something that they want, but don’t usually find anywhere. In short, we want the users of the website to come online, try the service, make them like the service, and motivate the enough to stay online! . Describe Your Players: This website would consist of 2 kind of users: * People who share (who want to sell their things) * People who want to share (who want to buy others’ things) That being said, these players are the huge mass of people who want to save money by sharing stuff rather than buying them. They are going to be within the age bracket of 18-45 years with low-medium disposable incomes. They want to make the most out of their limited means, so they share!

Since gamification of ShareAll’s services would be heavily dependent on technology, the users would be expected to own a smartphone. The users would consist of mainly working professionals (75%) along with students (25%). They may have their own set of reasons to share which may vary from the very basic like, having lack of money to BUY the actual product, or maybe due to unavailability of that product in the market or something like it. 4. Devise Activity Loops: Activity! This would include everything that needs to be done in order to keep the players hooked up to the website.

It would require some amount of motivation to onboard them, make them have a look and feel of the website, the products, by offering them little leading signs which would be something that happens in Plants vs. Zombies. People should know what all they can do with the website, and these signals would enable them to do just that. After they are made to feel at ease with the website, and they’ve gotten accustomed to it, they should be introduced to the points system like Samsung Nation. Something like points for spending time on the website. 50 points to Gryffindor! P Ok. Now Points. One thing, this would eventually lead to addition of leaderboards, after all, the points are of limited use, unless you actually get to see the points that other users have on the same platform. But again, these all flowery aspects of extrinsic motivation mustn’t be focused on much, as we DO NOT want their intrinsic desire and need to Share things. Now taking the 2 types users (described in in the previous category) into account, we can devise a system through which people are motivated enough to list out their products/services to sell.

Sort of product listings, which other users can see, and then can contact the user who has created the listing. And ShareAll would act as a mediator among the 2 users, by providing a platform for the same. This necessarily would lead to generation of more product listings, more activity, more shares generated, a happy ShareAll. 5. Don’t Forget The Fun: The activity & the entire experience of the website can be made fun by adding elements to the website, some colors, some graphics, and threading them all together to make the aligned to the ultimate goal of ShareAll.

It would all be centered about making the users realize about the benefits of sharing: suggesting them how much they can save by not buying a thing! The users can be engaged by giving them a ‘share’? for just hanging around, and getting a hang of things. Since the concepts is new, it would take the users a bit of time and easy onboarding in order to get the accustomed to the concept, as most of the people, at present, would most likely buy a thing rather than struggling to go online, look up for it, and make efforts.

They should feel as comfortable, and at ease while having to share, as buying. So, using smartphone apps, we can make ShareAll an always on service, which the users can access even while they are on the move or maybe even while they are half asleep, perhaps! 6. Deploy the appropriate tools: The gamified system, with the help of the previous 5 points, has been explained in parts. But under this, it’ll be explained as a whole. So, starting from scratch: 1. Narratives would play an important role in the overall experience of a player’s onboarding.

This being a totally new concept, the players need to know what they are signing up for. 2. ShareAll is trying to connect people (givers & takers/buyers & sellers) by building a relationship between them. A point mentioned above, that a user profile can be generated and that in turn can be used to match the buyers & sellers comes into play while building a relationship. 3. Something incentives should be given to people who share the most, or share as early as possible as they join the website.

This being an extrinsic motivator, would certainly act as a catalyst to more activity on the website. 4. Cooperation, Transactions, Resource Acquisition, Avatars, and PBL, all the elements can directly be used here since this is an e-commerce website, and all of the things are prerequisites to an online transaction taking place. All being said, the Gamification of ShareAll must involve heavy promotion of intrinsic ways to motivate people along with offering them just the right amount of external motivators to keep them engaged.



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