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The first movie poster I am going to use for my assignment is going to be “the expendables”, immediately I could see that this movie poster was from an action movie making the genre action and could see no sort of hybrid genre in this because it is strictly action therefore making the movie a straight genre, strictly action. I noticed this by the actors used within this poster by noticing the star names with them all been iconic figures of the action movies such as “Sylvester Stallone” and “Jet Li” who are both also represented on the front of the poster stood in a very masculine posture. “Stallone” stood arms crossed and flexing his muscles makes it look like he means business, this is also shown on all of the actor’s facial expressions showing no smiles or happiness but complete seriousness. Another reason for this film being a shown as an action film would be that there is a mass explosion behind the actors creating an action atmosphere with the piles of rubble behind giving the idea that it’s going to be “messy”. “Jet Li” is featured with weapons connoting violence and death.

The poster uses iconography by featuring guns and weapons which is iconic to the action genre and the weaponry is brandished by 3 iconic figures of the action genre wearing black military attire. Using a whole cast from what is seen and noticed from the action genre.

The film stars are taken in a medium shot picture by the camera; this is to express all their facial features and to show the costume they are wearing, the adding of fire and piles of rubble shows a style of action. The lighting used only covers one side of “Stallone” face maybe displaying the villain or a bad guy, which is an icon of an action film a “hero” and a “villain”.

The audience response to this poster would be to immediately presume that the film is going to be action packed and gives you the reflexivity that makes you recognise the movie stars named and shown in the poster from other epic action movies such as “Rambo” with Sylvester Stallone.

This poster uses tradition conventions by using the typical stereotypical action heroes from the action genre and does not go against it by using something not regular to the genre. The unique selling point for this poster would be the cast and how the poster outlines/defines the action hero’s and how they are iconic to action movies, “the most awesome action cast ever assembled…” the use of the tagline is to catch the audiences eye and make them react excited and geared up for another explosive action movie.



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