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My dad is one of the best people I know in this world. Whenever I have a problem he always helps me in every way, he possibly can. He has taught me how to ride my bike, to swim, to use the computer, multiply and divide fractions and lots of other things. Even though I don’t always appreciate him teaching me new things, which I think I don’t need. Always after some time I am grateful to him because it turns out that he was right. Though he might not be the best teacher in the world, to me he is the best father anyone could have.

One of the traits my father has, which I admire is that he is always learning something new and keeping up to track with technology. For that reason he spends lots of times on the web, reading books or taking courses. Even though he needs most of it for his job, I feel very proud to have a father that knows so much. I hope that one day I will be able to over take him.

There are lots of ways I could acquire this. It could be by taking courses to learn new sports, new things about computers or new languages. Searching the web to find out information on certain topics, get extra help you might need to learn how it’s done or just to find out what’s happing in the world. Read books to expand you vocabulary, to help you to find out how something works or just give you information. Then when I grow old, I can be proud of myself and say I actually done something in my life.

My Grandmother

My grandmother is a very respected person. I was named after her, I look like her, and we basically have the same type of character. She taught me many important things about life. She has showed me where she went wrong and where I should not make the same mistake. I love her so much because she never stops trying to help me.

The trait I love most about my grandma is that no matter how old she gets she still takes good care of herself. She always has the latest hair cut, the nicest clothes, always the right bag and shoes, she never has one of her nails broken or badly painted or even any make-up out of place. Not every grandmother is like that. When I become a grand mother I want to be just like her. So my grandchildren can be proud of their grandma.

In order to obtain this we must talk more on this subject when we get together. It will probably take me quite a time before I can learn this but I’ll keep on trying and asking questions till one day I’ll finally get it.

My Sister

To me my sister is the most important person in the world. We don’t always get along together well, but she is always there when I need her. I know that since she is smaller than me I can’t tell her everything, but as time goes on she’ll grow. Then someday I’ll be able to tell her everything like she does to me. Thanks to her I have learned just how fun having a sister could be. You might think that having a sister is a real nuisance, but have you ever wondered how your life would be without her. I know that mine would probably real boring, and I really appreciate having her by my side.

The trait my sister has which I would like to learn is to have patience. She’s got so much patience, and I’ve got so little. I find it wonderful to be able to teach someone. Something, that I am not quite capable of doing. I can’t stand having to repeat myself over and over again till someone actually gets it. Something my sister can do without any problem. She enjoys teaching anyone and everyone. No matter how much she has to repeat herself and explain the things. I hope that someday I will be able to do that as well.

I think that this is very hard to acquire. The only way I would ever be able to do this is by slowly making myself bare more repeating things over to people. I know this will take lots of time but I think I will be able to get it.



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