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The following two pages are catalogues of part of a collection of books that I own. These are the books that I brought with me to college this semester combined with those that I have purchased since being here. At this time the list is small because of limited space that is given to us in our dorm rooms. Next semester the list will undoubtedly grow when I return to school with a different selection of my books from home and continue to add to my collection.

The first page is a spreadsheet completed in Excel. It is a very simple spreadsheet that allows organization of the information needed with limited time and effort in data entry. This is a very simple way to organize the material but is effective in producing an organized, printed listing of my collection.

The second page is a database done in Access. This is a very effective way to store the information necessary. Although with the limited size of the database it does not have many benefits over the simpler spreadsheet it will be very helpful as the list grows in size. The larger the amount of data entered gets the more benefits that are gained by using the database instead of a spreadsheet.

For this collection of information I chose to use title, author, publisher, date, and subject to further classify the books. This will ease in finding books and information by using the fields because I can look for several key details about a book and find it easily.



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