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Industrial psychology, often referred to as industrial-organizational psychology, is the scientific study of the workplace. Industrial psychologists conduct research exploring issues that are critically important in the business world. They often work as independent researchers or business consultants who apply existing knowledge to current problems in the workplace. Industrial-organizational psychology covers dozens of issues relevant to the modern workplace. EMPLOYEE SELECTION AND EVALUATION A main issue of interest to industrial-organizational psychologists is how employers make hiring decisions.

Researchers examine the factors that improve an applicant’s chance of receiving an interview or job offer. They also seek to understand how employers screen applicants and what characteristics or behaviors are viewed negatively during the hiring process. Industrial-organizational psychologists also interested in evaluating employee performance. They may create evaluations of job performance and design incentive programs to improve productivity. Measuring and improving employee efficiency is a major issue in industrial-organizational psychology. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT

Industrial-organizational psychologists also implement training programs. How to design a high-quality training program and determining what factors increase information retention are of interest to industrial-organizational psychologists. They also identify areas in which employees could develop skills to improve efficiency and become a stronger asset for the company. SATISFACTION IN THE WORKPLACE A large field of interest to many businesses is increasing job satisfaction. Industrial-organizational psychologists research the characteristics of a workplace that lead to greater happiness and employee morale.

Workers with high job satisfaction are more efficient and likely to stay with a company. Many businesses are keenly interested in maintaining worker satisfaction to prevent the considerable costs of rehiring and training new workers. Industrial-organizational psychologists identify ways in which employees achieve work-life balance and design programs to improve job satisfaction and address employees’ concerns. HURDLES IN INDUSTRIAL PSYCHOLOGY A) Conflicts Between Psychology B) Communication Hurdles C) Resistance To Change & Modifications



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