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John and Mary was so love in each other, Mary never knew that John would change her life so much, since she got in love with him. They were like Romeo and Julie together. For every day that goes, their love gets bigger and bigger, they came so closer to each other. Every day and night, they spent their time together; there was not a single day when they were not together. They could not live without each other. John was so romantic to Mary, he spoils her with flowers and chocolates, he gave her the love that no one else was been able to give.

They had been together for more than 3 years. John and Mary graduates at the same time, and then they bought together a very big house, they was happy together. Their love was so strong; there was nothing that could separate them. One day John and Mary invited their both parents on a dinner. That night every one of them was happy, they was having a good night all of them. They was dancing and singing all together. John and Mary’s parents were so happy for their children.

They were always wishing for them to married one day. Suddenly John stood up, and and held a speech to Mary, he told how much he loved her. Suddenly he stood up and held a speech to Mary; he told how much he loved her. John knelt for Mary, and came up with the most beautiful diamante, and so he asked Mary if Mary wants to marry him. Mary says yes, and then they live a happily life. To – delt eksamen. – Lydside- BilledE- Ideudvikling- klipning-Casting .



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