It’s night time now. All the cadets are sitting in the dining hall of the Kanchanjunga Military Academy(KMA). Everybody is there.. Naina.. Huda.. Yudi.. Ali Alekh and Pooja. All cadets are tired because of the tough training session today and the serious; so called boring classes by Capt. Rajveer. Suri ji, incharge of the kitchen department, is serving food to all the tired cadets. Suri ji: O ki hoya mere shero? Aj sab chup-chaap baithe ho. Koi gala-shala nahi kar rahe? O ki gal hai? Mainu das. Ali (an innocent small-town boy who has come here to make his father’s dream of him being a soldier come true. : Suri ji, aaj to bohat hard training hui. Saara din bas bhagta dodte rahe. Suri ji: O putar.. sipahi ban na hai to mehnat to karni padegi na.. Huda: (hmm.. Amardeep Huda.. a Haryanvi cool dude in KMA, known for flirting with girls) sahi mein Suri ji.. yahaan itni mehnat karni padegi.. ye maine kabhi socha nahi tha.. Alekh : (a short-tempered drunker criminal who has been sent here by the authorities for his transformation) vaise bhi to sochta kab hai.. Everybody starts laughing. Huda gives him a “abhi batata hoon.. ruk” look. Suddenly, Brigadier Chandok enters.

All the diners stand up spontaneously and wish him. Br. Chandok- There is an important announcement for all the cadets. Please pay attention. (everybody stands more erect and attentive) Br. Chandok: Kal aap sab ki Medical drill hogi. Dr. Shalini(a sweet and beautiful doctor in KMA) will be there to help you out and make everything clear to you. Huda: Wow.. Dr. Shalini (in a low mumbling tone so that only a few others standing beside him can hear) Br. Chandok: Aap ne kuchh kaha cadet Amardeep Huda? Huda: (startled to hear his name) n.. no.. no.. Sir.. maine to kuchh nahi kaha. Br.

Chandok: And you shouldn’t even dare to. (pauses for a moment or so and starts again) So, tomorrow at 8 sharp, I want to see you all in the main campus ground for the drill. Thankyou. (and then he leaves) Huda: Budhe ke kaan bade tej hain…(in a mocking tone) Naina: Behave yourself Huda (Naina, a brave and confident girl who is here to find the secret behind his brother.. Naveen Singh Aluvalia’s death in some army fight. She can’t reveal her identity as his brother is considered to be a Deshdrohi but she knows that his brother wasn’t a cheat. He was a true soldier, completely devoted to India.

She is here at KMA to prove it and take away the title of stabbing the country from his brother and indirectly her and her family. ) Huda: O fulan devi…(he has changed everydody’s name according their characteristics and for his convenience too) mujhe behave karna aata hai.. mera behaviour thare se to achha hi hai. Naina: Shut up! You…. (suddenly Yudi speaks up) Yudi: (aka Yudhuvansh Sahani, a funny silly son of a rich father, who has come here to prove that he can also do something in life and is not a coward silly guy) Don’t fight guys! Araam se khaana khaate hain na.. vaise bhi pata nahi, kya pata kal zinda bache ya na? Naina: What?

Kyun? Yudi: Are yaar har roz itne tough training session ke baad mujhe to lagta hai ki bas main marr hi gaya.. Everybody laughs at his statement. Pooja: ( a simple Punjabi kudi who has come here to search for her fiance who left her on the wedding day. Also ( to be provided hehe) a crazy mobile freak. ) Haan yaar.. vo fence ke niche se nikalte nikalte to mere saare nails ki shine hi kharaab ho gayi. Alekh: Tum dono chudiyaan pehen kar ghar kyun nahi baith te. Huda: (defensive about his friends) Abe o kaidi? Apne kaam se kaam rakha kar. Chudiyaan to tu pehen kar bhaitha hoga na…jail mein. O sorry sorry…chudiyaan nahi hatkadiyan…Kyun?

Alekh gets up in an angry mood seeming like he would just punch Huda on the face. But as he sprangs up, Naina holds his hand and signals him to calm down. And surprisingly the “stubborn Alekh” does so. Ali: Huda ji, aapko kisi se aise baat nahi karni chahiye. Huda: Ab tu sikhaye ga mujhe? Kiss se kaise baat karni chahiye? Ali ji? Yudi: Please guys. Don’t start again. Ab khaana kha liya hai to main sone jar aha hoon. Ali, please let’s go. ( as Ali is his room mate) (Similarly, Pooja and Naina shared one room and Huda and Alekh were roomies too. ) Ali stands up and keeps his plate in the sink before leaving. So does Yudi.

Huda: (to Pooja) Ye bas raat ko iske saath ladna aur phir sona hi mujhe achha nahi lagta. (talking of Alekh) Pooja giggles. Alekh and Naina stand up and put their plates in the sink, while Pooja and Huda are still chating. Alekh leaves for his room and Naina waits for Pooja to be over with her food and Huda too. Huda: Saara din daru ki baas aati rehti hai mere kamre me se (gives a pathetic look). Saala bevda kaidi…. samajhta kya hai apne aap ko. Agar maine uski complaint kar di na to phasega vo. Pooja: Phir to karta kyun nahi complaint? Class ke samay mere saath baithta haina vo, to lagta hai ki machhi ke tail se nahake aata hai.

Well, ya phir naha ke hi nahi aata. They start laughing and give each other a high-five. Naina is watching all this and thinks how disgusting her journey of KMA is going to be. As Pooja finishes her dinner and stands up, Naina walks over to her and signals her by shaking her head as in saying “chalein? ” Pooja nods back to say “hmm.. I am coming”. Huda: kya ishaaron ishaaron mein baatein chal raheen hain? Mujhe lootne ka plan to nahi bana rahe? Naina ignores his comment and throws a look which seemed to express “cheap boy! ” kind of words. Then walks to the sink where Pooja is washing her hands.

Soon they both leave for their room. Huda: (murmuring to himself) Oye hoye! Ma’am ki adaaein…. uff! He too leaves for his room. And the servants there start cleaning the benches.

10:00p. m. Ali-Yudi’s Room Ali is sitting on a mat on the floor with a beaded thread and an idol. He is chanting some prayers before going to bed. Yudi, who is a very modern and irreligious kind of guy, is listening songs (earphones on) so that he’s not able to hear he prayers by Ali. After Ali is over with his chantings…

Ali: Yudi bhai? Yudi bhai..?? Yudi: (singing to himself, eyes closed) my desi girl…hmmm.. ny desi girl… Ali: ( to his loudest) YUDI BHAIII!!! Yudi: (taking off his plugs) are dheere bol yaar…I am not deaf. I can listen well. Bol. Ali: Main bas itna hi puchh raha tha ke Brigadier Chandok ne hame kitne baje main ground mein bulaya tha? Vo alarm lagana tha.. Yudi: shayad 8 baje.. Ali: haan yaad aaya 8 baje ki kaha tha. (starts preparing his bed) vaise aap ko pata hai ke kal medical drill mein kya hone wala hai? Yudi: I don’t know. (pulls a blanket over him) Lekin kal mujhe yaar apna best dikhna hai.. Dr.

Shalini jo hogi vahape.. Ali giggles and says Goodnight to Yudi and Yudi does the same. They both go for tight sleep. Next Morning 7:15 Naina-Pooja’s room Pooja is searching for her fiance’s number in a directory that includes contacts of all army officers. She is calling all “Siddhants” given in the directory in a hope to find her “Siddhant”. Naina: (brushing her hair) Pooja…yaar jaldi se ready ho ja. We have to leave in 30 minutes to get to the ground. Pooja: (throwing her cell on the bed) yaar…

Sid ka number lag hi nahi raha hai…pata nahi kaunsa no. hai… Naina: Tu Sid ko baad mein dhoondna.. abhi get ready.. warna hum log late ho jayenge. And look at yourself.. tu abhi tak nahayi bhi nahi. Pooja washroom vacant hai…go and get ready fast. Hume breakfast karke drill ke liye jaana hai. Pooja listens to her banter silently and obeys her and leaves for the washroom.т8:00 a. m. Main Ground All the cadets have had their breakfasts and are now standing in a straight line in the ground in attention positions.

Dr. Shalini emerges in the scene wearing a formal shirt and knee-length brown skirt. Dr. Shalini: Cadets, as you all know that today is your medical drill. So before proceeding for the drill, I would like to explain you all some basics. Vaise to aap sabko ye sab pata hi hoga par phir bhi it’s my duty to tell you all this before the drill. Everybody nods. Dr. Shalini: So tell me cadets ki agar aap mein se kisi ko war ke time goli lag jaaye…ya phir chalo ye maan lijiye ke aapki ungli sabzi kaat te hue kat gayi.. aur khoon behne laga to aap kya karenge? Alekh: Chhuri se bhi koi khoon nikal ta hai.

Agar chalani nahi aati hai to saale pakadte hi kyun hain. Dr. Shalini is about to answer that but suddenly… Huda: chalana aana ya na aana to door ki baat hai. Hum churi pakdenge hi kyun? Janaanion ka kaam hum kyon karein? Again Dr. Shalini tries to get involved in the debate but.. Pooja: Kyon kya chhuri pakadna sirf ladkiyoon ka kaam hai…tum ladke kya miss call maarne ke liye bane ho? Once more Dr. Shalini opens her mouth to move a few words out which she has been trying for so long. But… Naina: agar bleeding hui to wounded area ko wash karke, antiseptic lagakar, bandage kar deni chahiye.

Everybody now stares at Naina for her sudden and straight forward answer. Dr. Shalini also sternly replies-“good”and nothing else because it was this answer which she expected from all.. and that too without arguments. Dr. Shalini: So, this was the simplest and the most common example I could give to start it. Now, tell me what would you do if you are fighting at the boundary and another soldier with you gets hit by a bullet. Remember you won’t be having any medical equipments there. And not much time and space there. Yudi: yaar hume ladna sikhaana chahiye na. Pehle se hi hurt hone ki baatein kyon kar rahe hain?

Ali: Yudi Bhai.. aap shaant ho jaaiye. Mam abhi sab bata rahin hai na.. Huda: Are haan haan abhi ye sundar si mam apne much se kuchh sundar se shabad nikalengi aur… Huda was about to carry on his useless flirting but Dr. Shalini jumps in. Dr. Shalini: Shut up cadets. I think no one of you is here to seriously become a soldier.. a perfect disciplined soldier. Tum sab ke bheje khaali hai…even thatch isn’t there in your brains.. no, actually tum sab mein to brains hi nahi hain.. Everybody is quietly listening to all this. Dr. Shalini: You know this place used to be a hive before you guys were here.

Aapne KMA ko mazaak mein hi le rakha hai… Being a soldier is not a joke. I am not a soldier. But I know how a soldier is. How a cadet becomes a soldier? And what qualities does a cadet have? And I think neither of you has that quality of being a soldier. ( she stops to breathe) Nobody could speak a single word after this. Not even Huda.. who has so much to speak and argue too. Dr. Shalini is about to start his long speech again, but suddenly Capt. Rajveer entered to watch his cadets’ activities. He is wearing a casual light brown trouser and a dark green T- shirt…closely similar to their uniforms. Capt.

Rajveer: Hello cadets! All the cadets salute him. Now Capt. Rajveer starts talking about the drill with Dr. Shalini. In the meantime, all cadets start gossiping about the him.. and Dr. Shalini too. Huda (to Yudi): Oye! In dono ka koi chakar vakar hai kya? Kya scene hai inka? (pointing towards Rajveer and Shalini) Yudi : Pata nahi yaar. Lekin lagta to hai. Khair hume kya karma? Huda: abe… maze to le hi sakte hain na.. Huda and Yudi share a high five.. making a loud noise in the middle of the disciplinary silence…which disturbs the whole scene. Rajveer: ahem ahem! What’s going on Cadet Amardeep Huda? And cadet Sahaani?

Yudi: no sir, nothing. Huda: hmm sir, kuchh nahi you carry on! At his this comment, Rajveer raises his eyebrows and speaks out:- Rajveer: What shall I carry on Cadet Amardeep Huda? Huda: umm.. umm…Sir maine to bas aise hi.. I mean job hi aap kar rahe the uske beech mein disturbance hui.. to aapka.. umm.. kaam ruk gaya tha.. ab aap vo kaam continue kijiye.. Rajveer: Sure.. vaise vo mujhe aap se puchhne ki zarurat nahi hai. Huda(looking down): Sorry Sir.. Rajveer: You better be. Their serious talks are interpreted by an alarm. Dr. Shalini: Go and change into your casual clothes. And head towards your classes. Hurry up!

Everybody walks out of the ground quietly in a line. As they cross the first corridor.. they come back to their usual sides. And start speaking up again. Alekh to Ali: Ye Huda kisi din marwaye ga.. Huda: Kya bola be tu? Hmm? ( moving his sleeves back) Alekh: (coming in front of him and lifting his face up) kyun kar lega be tu? Ali and Yudi try to stop them while the girls are lost in their own chats. Pooja: naina yaar.. ye Capt. Rajveer Kitne handsome hain na? Naina smiles shaking her head at Pooja. Pooja: No yaar seriously.. tujhe vo ache nahi lagte kya? I mean tall, dark and handsome? Aur vo kitne smart bhi hain!

Aur upper se itne ache soldier cum military trainer cum good teacher cum… Naina: bas bas.. mujhe samajh aa gaya. Sirf physique achha hone se kuchh nahi hota. Dil saaf hona chiye. Pooja: are kya pata unka dil bhi mere inbox ki tarah saaf ho? Naina frowns and asks what? Pooja: are yaar.. main yahaan Ambala aa gayi hoon na.. to koi message hi nahi karta. Mujhe to lagta hai sab mujhe bhool gaye hain.. Naina: aise nahi hai yaar. Suddenly Capt. Rajveer interrupts their conversation. Capt. Rajveer: Cadets? (in an angry mood) Naina and Pooja got so frightened that they almost squealed. Pooja and Naina: (in a low tone) Yes Sir?

Rajveer: What are you guys doing here? I think this time has been given to you for changing into your casuals. Have you done with it? Naina: hmmm.. ummm… We were going there only Sir. I.. Rajveer: What I.. I..?? You are here at KMA to be a soldier. Not to waste your time. Do you think this is a joke? No.. tell me if you think so? I’ll make the joke even more funnier for you. Tell me?? He is about to carry on his lecture and and insult them but suddenly an announcement takes place. Announcement: Capt. Rajveer Please report to Brigadier’s office. I repeat, Capt. Rajveer please report to Brigadier’s office.

Rajveer: I’ll talk to you guys later. And be serious. This is a MILITARY ACADEMY, not a playground where… Pooja: (stopping him from opening his exaggerating his lecture) Sir, aapko office mein bulaya hai…. Abhi announcement hui na. Rajveer: Ya, mujhe pata hai.. I don’t need to ask you silly craps! Rajveer leaves. As he leaves, Pooja’s mouth opens up at his last words(“silly craps”) Pooja: How mean! Naina: ya.. aur tu bol rahi thi kitne ache insaan hain. Kitne smart hain. Kitne handsome hain.. Ab pata chala na andar se kaise hain. Mean!! Pooja: Ye sab army officers itne mean kyun hote hain? (thinking of Sid)

Naina: Chhod na yaar.. Hume kaunsa in officers ke meanness par PhD karni hai? Huh.. chal ab change karke class mein jaana hai…pehle hi late ho rahe hain. —————————————————————— Naina and Pooja get to their room and change up as soon as possible. They moved out of their rooms to go the class(they weren’t late for the class)but suddenly Pooja remembered that she had to go to Activity Room for her cell phone’s charger. As they are walking in the corridor— Pooja: Oh! Yaar main kaise bhool gayi.. Naina: Kya kaise bhool gayi? (frowning) Pooja: mobile ka charger.. yaar.. ctivity room mein hai.. Naina: class ke baad le lena.. abhi chal Pooja: nahi yaar.. activity room to 12 baje band ho jaata hai na.. humari class 12:30 tak chalegi.. i have to go now. Naina: achha tu ja.. aur jaldi aana.. i am waiting for you here. Pooja: No, you are coming with me. Main akeli nahi jaungi. Naina: achha baba.. chal Pooja: chal.. Naina: (giving her way) pehle aap prasthan kijiye ma’am. Pooja smiles and moves forward. Naina follows her. ————————————————————————— As they enter the Activity room, they are shocked out of their wits to find Capt. Rajveer there.

He is playing a guitar and singing a beautiful song. Naina and Pooja’s mouths, wide open in shock. Rajveer is unaware about the presence of Pooja and Naina. Throughout the song, Naina and Pooja kept quiet and had full enjoyment, listening to his lovely voice. Rajveer ends the song and turns back. He is startled to see Pooja and Naina there. Rajveer: aap yahan kya kar rahein hain? Pooja and Naina get out of the lovely mesmerizing tone of his great song. Pooja: umm.. umm. Sir Naina: Sir, vo Pooja ka charger reh gaya tha idher…to hum vo lene aaye the. Rajveer: charger lene mein kitna time lagta hai,cadets? Pooja: Sir main abhi le rahi thi.. ekin aap gaana ga rahe the na to maine socha ke aapko disturb na karoon. Rajveer: hmm.. come take it and leave. Pooja hurries to the table where her charger was kept, picks it up and turns to leave in order to run away from Rajveer. But… Rajveer: Vaise dikhana ek baar ye charger… Pooja looks at the charger and then at him and then finally decides to give it to him, vaise she wasn’t left any choice either. Rajveer takes the charger from her hand and bounces it. Rajveer: Cadet Pooja? Pooja: yes sir.. Rajveer: Vaise ye charger kitne kilo ka hoga? Pooja; (raising her eyebrows at his stupid question) ummm…sir kilo?

Yeh to kuchh grams ka hi hoga.. Rajveer: achha…to phir kya aap itni kamzor hain ki kuchh grams ka charger khud akele nahi utha sakti…jo aapko dusro ki help chahiye? (pointing Naina) Naina is pretty much annoyed with him and his words. But she decides not to speak a word in their defence. Rajveer 🙁 giving the charger to Pooja) take it. And learn to be self-dependant. Pooja gets very angry and frustrated at his behavior and leaves giving him “the” look. While going, she shuts the door with full pressure expressing his anger. The door bangs too loud. Now Naina moves over to the door to leave. She tries to open the door but it has jammed.

She struggled again but didn’t succeed. Rajveer watches this and comes over to help. Rajveer: Let me try to open it. Naina: No thanks. Somebody told me to be self-dependant. Rajveer:(to himself) meri billi.. mujhi ko meow. Naina: what? Rajveer: nothing…Get aside. It’s my order. Naina gives him the space to struggle with the door. He sighs as he fails. Now Naina and Rajveer are left alone in a locked room. Rajveer: Let me call security to help us. (taking out his cell phone) He tries to call the guard several times, but there was a network problem in the room. They banged the door several times for help but nothing helped.

They had no choice but to wait for someone to come and help. Desperately, Naina sits in the corner on the floor. While Rajveer sits on a chair near a drum. Rajveer: I have an idea. Naina: Kya? Rajveer: Let’s beat this drum so loud that the whole KMA hears us. Naina: sorry.. i am not interested. Rajveer: kabhi kabhi vo cheese bhi karni padti hain jinmeb humme interest nahi hota.. come and do what I am saying. You can take it as an order. Naina goes to him and picks up the drum sticks and settles herself on a chair beside him. Rajveer: (with a smile) Let’s start… They both start playing the drums, actually beating them.

Both of them are having too much fun at this stupid act. When they are hell tired, they stop beating drums. They both start laughing at this. Rajveer: enjoyed a lot na? Naina: hmm…vaise mujhe nahi pata tha aap itne fun loving kind of person hain.. Rajveer: mujhe pata hai kit um sab sochte ho ki I am a strict and a khaduss kind of man. Naina: haan…actually aap ka ye side kabhi dekha hi nahi na…singing…playing guitar…beating drums like mads… Rajveer giggles. Rajveer: Actually ye hi meri asli side hai.. but mujhe tum logo ke saath strict hona hi padta hai…kyunki you know…you all think that being a soldier is an easy cup of tea.

But aisa nahi hai.. it takes strength and you have to dignity to be soldier. Naina nods. Rajveer: Jab main aap sab cadets se pehli baar mila tha to I found ke tum mein se koi bhi soldier ban ne ko lekar serious nahi hai.. actually tumhare bas mein hi nahi hai. Naina raises her eyebrows. Rajveer: I mean aisa mujhe pehli baar hi laga tha.. I thought this isn’t your cup of tea. May I was wrong.. May be I am wrong.. Naina: you know what.. you are a nice man…(smiling at him) Rajveer smiles in return. Rajveer: are hum ye to bhul hi gaye ki ab baahar kaise jaayein.. drum ka idea to flop ho gaya…koi aaya hi nahi…

Naina: hmm… Rajveer: are 12 baje guard khud hi aajayega.. roomm lock karne ke liye. Room lock karne se pehle vo ek baar andar check karega.. to everything gonna be alright. Naina: (looking at her wrist watch) bas 2 minutes hi hain 12 bajne mein. Rajveer: chalo phir darwaaze ke paas hi khade ho jaate hain.. They both stand up and stand near the door. Rajveer is leaning on the door while Naina is watching him leaning. Suddenly they feel someone outside. They start banging the door. Somebody opens the door. As they look who was there to open the door, they are totally astonished to find Huda there. Naina: tum??

Huda: haan …vo Suri ji ne bola ke guard office mein hai.. to tu activity room lock kar aa. Main bas vahi kar raha tha.. lekin(raising his eyebrows) aap dono yahan kya???? Rajveer: Tumhe jo kaam kaha hai vo karo…lock the room and leave. Aapne kaam se kaam rakha karo. Naina leave. Aur mujhe bhi ab jaana chahiye. Rajveer leaves while Naina watches him leaving with dignity. And Huda watches Naina watching Rajveer. Huda: o fulandevi?? Kya baat hai?? Naina: kuchh nahi.. And she leaves. Huda: (to himself) kuchh to gadbad hai…pata lagana padega.. ———————————————————————————————-

Next day. In Cafe. Huda is standing near a pole in the Cafeteria. He has ordered a Coke and is thinking of Naina and Raj’s incident last day. Huda: (to himself) kuchh to chakar zaroor hai…pata lagana padega.. Servant: Aapki coke sir! (showing him the tray) Huda: (picking up the bottle) thanks. Servant: yehi to humara kaam hai sir…(winks at him) Huda: (raising his eyebrows) oye hoye…. Servant smiles. Huda comes to know that the servant is very flattering and is like “har cheez ki khabar rakhne wala” type. Huda: achha sun.. (putting a 50 rupees note in his pocket) ye…ummm…achha pehle ye bata ke tera naam kya hai?

Servant: naam ka kya karoge sir.. kaam ki baat karo na…vaise mera naam Krantikaar Satish Bishnoi Kumar Mathur hai… Huda: achha…Krant……umm… Servant: kaha than a name ki chhodo kaam ki baat karo…vaise aap mujhe chhotu bula sakte hain.. Huda: achha sun chhotu…ye tujhe pata hai ke Naina, jo idhar cadet hai…uska kya chakar chal raha hai…Capt. Rajveer ke saath.. Servant: vo Naina singh.?? Huda: haan.. haan…wahi(getting a little excited) Chhotu: vo jo room no. 230 mein hai…jiski room mate ka naam Pooja hai?? Huda: are haan haan wahi.. Chhotu: uske bare mein to kuchh aur pata nahi ji…

Huda: dhat tere ki…to phir khaali peeli dimaag kyun kha raha tha chal nikal.. (taking out the 50 rupees note) Huda: (to himself) kuchh soch yaar…kuchh soch kya karoon… Just then he sees Yudi passing by. He is holding some books in his hand and walking weirdly. Huda: (yelling at Yudi) hey Yudi! As Yudi turns to look who the hell has stopped him in his way, all his books fall on the floor. Huda comes and helps him pick up the books. It was the right time for Huda to get everything out of Yudi. Huda: (putting a book over another one in Yudi’s arms) yaar…umm…ye itni saari kitaabon ka kya kar raha hai?

Yudi: nahi vo library mein return karne jar aha tha. Kuchh meri books hain.. kuchh Pooja ki.. kuchh Ali ki.. kuchh Naina k… Huda: (speaks as he hears her name) are haan…vo fulandevi.. i mean.. Naina kahan hai..?? Yudi: Apne room mein hi hogi.. Pooja bhi aur Naina bhi.. pata nahi kya secrets chhupe hain unke room mein…saara din wahin bethi rehti hai.. Huda thinks of what Yudi has said-“ pata nahi kya secrets chhupe hain unke room mein…saara din wahin bethi rehti hai.. ” and smiles as he has got the way to find out about Naina’s secret, while Yudi counts the number of the books. Then they both get up and leave. ——————————————————————————————————– Night time. Outside girls’ hostel. As Huda comes to know that Pooja and Naina have left for their dinner, he makes a plan to enter their room. He arranges a key for their room from the service office. Chhotu helped him in this work. Now he’s waiting for the corridors to get deserted so that he can get to their room. Huda: (to himself) yaar ye ladkiyaan kitna matak-matak ke chalti hain…jaldi se bhaag nahi sakti kya… His this wish come true at the same time as he notices that there wasn’t a single girl left there in the corridor.

He sighed as he entered the hostel. —————————————- Huda enters room no. 230 which was Pooja-Naina’ room. He locks the door behind him. This was the first time he entered a girl’s room. He found same as his room.. but somewhat different from his too. It felt as if there was a different kind of air in their room. As if the oxygen there has added some compounds to it. As if the air has turned “pink”. The whole was filled with lavender fragrances. Although the room was clean and neat, he thought he wouldn’t be able to survive in the “pinkish” room for long.

Then he starts searching for something of his importance. After a long search, he couldn’t find anything in the room but flowers, ornaments, clothes, clothes and clothes. He sighed due to his failure. Suddenly he notices something on the table. It was a notebook which read” MY DIARY”. He spontaneously hurried over to it. He expected it to be Naina’s diary but he was shocked out of his wits to know that it was the diary of Capt. Rajveer. He started thinking about how RAJVEER’s diary came in Naina’s room. Huda: (to himself) yeh kya chakar hai yaar…main to soch raha tha daal mein kuchh kala hai…lekin yahan to hai hi kaali dal…

He opens the diary to read it but suddenly he hears some voices outside the room. They were the voices of Naina and Pooja. He places the diary back at its place and hide himself behind a curtain. Then Pooja and Naina enter the room, laughing. Pooja: yaar.. aaj to maza hi aa gaya…aisa lag raha tha ke koi comedy session chal raha hai…(laughs) Naina: hmmm…pata hai.. my cheeks were paining with laughter. Pooja: hehehehe…yaar ye room ki lights kyun on hain? Maine jaate waqt band kar di thi. Naina: are you sure ke tune band ki thi? Huda, who is standing behind a curtain, is listens to all this bits his lower lip.

He has to do something…he has to go out of the room.. out of the girls’ hostel before he is encountered. Pooja: haan yaar.. I am sure. Pakka band ki thi. Naina: achha chal chhod na…koi baat nahi.. ab so jaa kar so jaate hain.. mujhe bohat neend aa rahi hai.. Pooja: okay… (starts preparing her bed) mera cell diyo Naina…tere bed ke paas pada hai.. As Naina picks up the cell and gives it to Pooja, Huda gets an idea to move out of the room. He takes out his cell from his pocket and Pooja’s number. Pooja gets the call, sees Huda calling her and picks up the phone. Online Conversation: Pooja: Hello Huda…bol.. itni raat ko kyun phone kiya?

Huda: (slowly in a low voice) vo.. ummm…tujhe aur Naina ko room se bahaar jaana padega. Pooja: baahar jaana padega? Matlab? (raising her eyebrows) Naina sits up straight on her bed listening to this. Huda: Mera matlab hai ke tum dono ko office mein bulaya hai.. (rolls his tongue) Pooja: office mein? Kisne? Huda: ummm…Capt. Rajveer ne. (hits his forehead for his stupidity) Pooja: Capt. Rajveer ne? Kyun? On hearing Capt. Rajveer’s name, Naina sets herself more erect. Huda: pata nahi…tum dono jaaona apne room se…mera matlab hai jaldi se office mein jao. Pooja: achha theek hai… Huda: chal rakh.. bye Pooja: bye!

On putting off the phone, Pooja tells Naina about their conversation on phone. Naina doesn’t know why but she becomes excited to meet Rajveer. Pooja: chal chalein.. Naina: aise? Pooja: aise matlab? Naina: Mera matlab hai ke.. kapade to change kar lein na.. Pooja: chhod na.. hum kaunsa kisi ki shaadi mein jaa rahe hai.. hehe.. chal. Naina: achha mujhe karne de.. tujhe nahi karne to mat kar… Pooja: lekin kyun yaar? Naina: nahi yaar…aise achha nahi lagta…udhar Capt. Rajveer honge aur.. (bits her lower lip) Pooja: haan honge to? Naina: mera matlab hai ke….. I mean hum night dress mein udhar jayenge…to hame thand to lagegi na.. dhar agar hum kaapenge to…Capt. Rajveer hume daateinge na ke tum dress up hokar kyun nahi aaye.. you know… Pooja: vaise teri baat bhi theek hai.. unhe to vaise bhi daatne ke liye koi bahaana chahiye bas.. Naina: (at once) shut up Pooja!! Aise nahi bolte. Ab taiyaar ho ja.. Pooja: ok. While they are dressing up, Huda closes his eyes, although they are changing in the washroom. When they dress up and leave, Huda comes out of the curtains, takes a huge breath and leaves. Now he is stuck in the problem. What should he do to prevent Pooja and Naina’s going in the office. He runs as fast as he could to stop them.

He reaches Capt. Rajveer’s office. But he gets even more frightened to know that Pooja and Naina had already entered the office. He sighs helplessly. All his running went in vain. He is caught in the situation. He starts thinking about what should he do now. Should he enter the room? Enter the room, and say what? He wasn’t able to come up with any idea. But suddenly he sees Naina and Pooja coming out of the room. He thinks of running out from there as soon as he watches them coming, but… Pooja: are rukk.. Huda.. kahan bhaag raha hai? Huda: (turns) nahi.. vo mujhe ummm…toilet jaana hai…emergency hai.. ain baad mein baat karta hoon. Naina: theek hai.. ja…par ye to bata ke Capt. Rajveer kahan milenge. Tune ye to bol diya ke unhone humme office mein bulaya hai.. aur vo khud hi office mein nahi hai…hain kahan vo? Huda: (thinks over what she just said and smiles to himself) haa vo.. Rajveer sir ne mana kar diya tha.. ke unhe tum logo se nahi milna hai.. Pooja: to phir pehle nahi bata sakhte the kya? Huda: main vo.. bhul gaya tha…dimag se hi nikal gaya.. Pooja: chal theek hai…ab toilet jaana bhi bhul gaya kya? Jaa na.. Huda: (confused) hmmm? (remembers his excuse) o.. haan…jaa raha hoon. Tum log jaao na pehle.. adies first! Tum log chalo.. “Irritated” Pooja and “Not been able to meet Rajveer” Naina leave for their room. Huda thinks that it must have been the luckiest day for him. He thanks god and does a little victory dance and then leaves for his room. ————————————————————————————- Next morning. Huda-Alekh’s room. Huda wakes up from his bed and is surprised to find Alekh reading a book on his bed. From the first day of their training session, he hasn’t seen Alekh reading.. not even a hoarding or a pamphlet. He was very surprised to discover his this side.

Although he doesn’t like him and they were very good fighters, he couldn’t control his eagerness and goes to his bed. Huda: (leaning on the bed post) O ho…aaj to kamaal hi ho gaya…humhare apne Kaidi ji…I mean Alekh ji padh rahe hain…wow…kuchh to khaas hoga na… Alekh: haan.. hain na khaas…shayad tumhe pata nahi hai.. par kal hamara Coding-Decoding test hai…ussi ke liye kuchh examples padh raha hoon…khud Capt. Rajveer ne kaha tha ke is diary mein unhone kuchh best examples likh rakhe hain.. to unhone humme sirf aaj raat ke liye read karne ko diye hain.. Huda snatches the diary from his hand and looks at the front page of it.

He is taken aback at the moment as he saw the same notebook in Naina’s room. At that time, he thought that it must be Rajveer’s PERSONAL DIARY.. but he was wrong. It was just HIS DIARY containing Coding-Decoding examples. But he was still confused. As he saw the diary in Naina’s room last night. Alekh: kya hua ab de na diary.. Huda gives the diary back to him and asks: Huda: lekin ye maine Naina ke paas dekhi thi.. Alekh: haan…diary to ek hi hai na.. aur cadets itne saare.. to sab ko paas karni hai diary. Naina ne mujhe abhi subah-subah hi di.. Huda is now cleared with all his doubts.

He swears not to heed in Naina’s matters. He now thought that there was nothing like “that” between Naina and Rajveer. He signs and goes to the washroom to get ready for the day. ——————————————————————————- 8:00 a. m. Ali-Yudi’s room Ali is a totally into some thinking. Since night he has been behaving as if he was a statue. He didn’t even have dinner last night. Only because of some phone call which he received last night. Yudi has asked him several times about what has happened to him? Why was he so silent? Who called him the last night? But he refused to tell him.

But Yudi couldn’t control it any more and finally he decides to bring it out from him. Yudi: (to Ali,who is still lost in dreams) yaar.. please tell me.. hua kya hai?? Ali: kuchh nahi…Yudi bhai.. maine bola na.. kuchh nahi.. Yudi: Dude, you gotta tell me right away…NOW!! Ali stays quiet. But Yudi didn’t. He kept asking him all the way he was getting ready for the day. Finally, he said: “Okk…don’t tell me.. FINE…I am going to yell out to the whole KMA ke tumne mera murder karne ki koshish ki.. cuz I came to know about your dirty secrets. ” Ali at once stood up from his bed and shook his head and said: nahi…aap aisa mat karna.. please…bohat bada bakheda ho jayega” Yudi: then, tell me.. hua kiya hai??? There must be something seriously wrong na..?? (raising his eyebrows) Ali: haan…vo actually.. ab hum aap ko kaise batayein… Yudi: let me help.. apne gale se try karo.. nahi to apne mouth se.. varna Himesh Reshamiya ke jaise nose se bolo…as your wish.. Ali: aapko yeh sab mazaak lag raha hai…aapko pata hai ke baahar kya ho raha hai…mujhe ye academy chodkar.. aap sab ko chodkar…jaana hoga…kyunki mujhe koi apna chhod kar jaa raha hai… And with that he starts crying…tears tickling down from his small brown eyes.

Yudi at once becomes serious and melts at the statement that Ali would be leaving them. Yudi(worried) : But why? Hua kia hai? Kaun chhod kar jaa raha hai? Ali: (wiping off his tears) kuchh nahi… Yudi: bata na yaar.. please.. I am your friend na…puri baat to bata.. kaun tujhe chhod kar jaa raha hai? Aur tu hume kyun chhod kar jayega? Tell me no?? (patting his back to calm him) Ali: vo.. vo.. (sobbing) Barkha ki shaadi ho rahi hai… Yudi: who Barkha? Your girlfriend? Ali: (at once) nahi.. nahi…meri BEHAN…kya aap bhi Yudi bhai.. Yudi: achha theek hai.. she’s getting married…to tum ro kyun rahe the?

Ali: ab uski shaadi ho jayegi…vo mujhe chhor kar chali jayegi…aur mujhe bhi uski shaadi mein jaana hai…to mujhe bhi KMA se jaana hoga.. aap sab se door.. Yudi: (hiding his laughter) tum bhi na.. yaar.. it’s ok.. aisa chalta hai.. just chill! Aur vaise bhi tum hume hamesha ke liye thoda na chhodkar jaa rahe ho.. Ali: vo baat to hai.. Yudi: And you told me that you are missing your sisters.. and family members. So go and meet them yaar.. tumhe ek achha sa reason mil gaya hai KMA se baahar jaana ka.. you should be happy. Ali: really? Yudi: yes ofcouse.. Ali: lekin mujhe chhuti kaise milegi? Yudi: Let’s go to Rajveer Sir and ask him..

Ali: theek hai.. chaliye.. They moved out of their room to reach Rajveer’s office to ask him about the leave process. As they reached his office, they heard some voices coming from inside. There were two voices- one of a male and another of a female. They could recognize Rajveer’s voice but who was the lady present in the room? Frightened, they knocked the door of his office. Just after a single knock, the voices coming from the office faded. Ali and Yudi shared confused looks. But suddenly, Capt. Rajveer opened the door. As the door opened, Yudi and Ali saw Rajveer and a lady wearing a blue saari standing there.

They couldn’t see her face as she had her back towards them. Rajveer: Yes cadets? (surprised to find them at this time) Yudi: umm.. vo Sir hume aap se kuchh baat karni thi.. Rajveer: kis bare mein? Yudi: umm.. vo leave procedure ke liye…(bending a little to see who’s the lady in the office) Rajveer: firstly, stand straight. (Yudi and Ali both become erect) Good! Now tell me who needs to have a break? Ali: jee.. hume.. Rajveer: Okay.. write an application with a STRONG reason. Put on your signatures on that and you have to submit your ID card with that too. Ali: jee Sir..

Rajveer: And if your reason for leave is not strong enough, then you aren’t given leaves.. clear. Yudi: jee sir.. use leave isiliye chahiye kyunki. Rajveer: (interpreting him) I am not interested in hearing your damm reasons.. As he speaks the line, the lady from inside screams out… Lady: haan…haan.. tu to kisi ki bhi baat sun ne mein interested nahi hai,,,(in a Punjabi accent) The lady looked around 55 years of age. She has wrinkles under her dark brown eyes. She was not too fat but far away from being called a “size zero”. Ali and Yudi could figure out that she had the same eyes as Rajveer’s. She wore several gold rings and golden bangles.

Her dangles were so long that it seemed like she has joined two dangles to make one. Rajveer: mom aap andar jaiye.. please.. Yudi: Sir ye aapki mom hain? (raising his eyebrows to its peak) Rajveer: haan…to isme itna hairaan hone ki kya baat hai? Sabki maa hoti hai.. Lady aka Rajveer’s mum: haan.. sab ki maa hoti hai.. par unke bachhe unko aise treat nahi karte jaise tum apni maa ko karte ho…vo bhi sagi…main tumhari sagi maa hoon…koi sauteli nahi.. Rajveer: shut up mom.. vo mere cadets hain.. unke same to mat shuru ho jaao.. Mummy: chup kar…cadets hain to hain…unhe koi problem nahi hai isse.. haina?

Yudi and Ali just nodded sincerely. But as Rajveer looks at them, they shake their heads. Again his mother gives them a “what” kind of look and they nod again. And again Rajveer gives them a grim look and they start the shaking procedure. This continues for some time but to stop this nonsense, Yudi speaks up.. Yudi: umm…auntie aap yahan kaise? I mean kuchh kaam tha Rajveer Sir se? Mummy: haan.. putar.. ab ye tumhaara sir.. hai to mera beta hi na.. uski shaadi ki chinta to hogi hi na mujhe.. Yudi and Ali: (at once) SHAADI?????? Mummy: haan.. shaadi.. ab uski umar ho gayi hai.. ab nahi to kya meri umar mein shaadi karega?

Rajveer: mom…please.. stop it. Mummy: tu chup kar(slightly hitting him on his arm) are bachhon tumhari nazar mein koi achhi sushil ladki ho na.. to mujhe zaroor batana… Yudi and Ali: jee auntie.. Rajveer: kya jee auntie.. go back to your rooms.. training ke liye late ho jayoge.. and Ali write that application too. You would have to submit to Brigadier. Now dismiss.. ——————————————————————————————— Ali has written the letter and has got leave permission for one week. He has packed his bags and is now leaving the academy.

Everybody is there to bid him goodbye at the exit point. It is a big open hall bounded by thick wired boundaries. The main gate is of iron with a number of guards on either side. The cadets and group are standing near the gate and conversing about how much they would miss each other. Ali: chalo yaar…ab hume chalna chahiye…alvida.. Huda: bye.. aur apna khayal rakhna.. aur apni behan ka bhi… Ali: jee.. Huda bhai.. aur kuchh?? Naina: meri taraf se sabko badhai dena.. Pooja: meri taraf se bhi…. Ali: jee.. Yudi: meri taraf se bhi bro.. and please take care of yourself.. and we’ll miss you a lot. Do call.. okay??

Ali nods obeying his banter. Alekh: ab tu nikal…ye tujhe pakka denge…time ho raha hai.. tu jaa.. Ali: hmm…. khuda aafiz.. Everybody smiles and wish him goodbyes again. Huda and Yudi give Ali tight rib-crashing hugs while others just bound him in a small side hug. After all the departure drama, he picks up his bags and leaves the academy. Everybody with an idea of how much they are going to miss Ali, watch him peacefully leaving the academy. Naina turns around and is surprised to find tears in Yudi’s eyes. Yudi and Ali have really close in this period of time. Naina: Yudi? Look at you.. you are crying? Huh? Seriously? bewildered to see a guy like Yudi crying) Yudi: kuchh nahi.. bas vo aise hi.. Naina: are yaar…ab ye mat bolna ke aankh mein kachra aa gaya tha…seriously.. bohat purana bahana hai.. (Yudi snickers amidst his tears) Till now Huda and Alekh had already left for their room. And Pooja was there with the guards, asking them about they pass their time in this boring KMA……(Pooja will be Pooja.. hehehe) Yudi: bechara Ali!! Naina: bechara kyun? He is so damn lucky that he is meeting his family. And also he has got a friend like you.. why is he a “bechara”? Yudi: nahi…Bechara isiliye kyunki vo yahan ka saara drama miss kar dega na..

Naina: yahan ka drama? What do you mean? (confused) Yudi: haan.. yahan Rajveer sir ki so called mummy ji ka drama.. Sir ki shaadi ka drama.. (laughs at the predictable drama) Naina: WHAT???? (highly shocked and horrified) Yudi: haan.. tumhe nahi pata? (Naina shakes her head) Rajveer sir ke mom idhar KMA mein aayi hui hain…for his marriage. Can you believe that? Idhar kya unhe apni bahu milengi? Naina: (speaking to herself) shayad mil bhi jaaye.. Yudi: Did you say something? Naina: umm.. nahi.. kuchh nahi.. let’s go. Yudi: ya.. chal.. (turns towards Pooja, who was showing her cell phone to an old beared moustached guard) Chalein Pooja?



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