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A multicultural society is an union of people with different cultural background living together without restricting each others individual lifestyle. As a big part of the society in the UK, multiculturalism has enriched the country with plenty of positive aspects, e. g. the big improvement of the british economy by being one of the most international places in the world. But on the other side there are also negative aspects like the upcoming racism. Multiculturalism is a product of basic human rights, allowing people to live their lives as they wish, which includes the cultural dimension.

This kind of society consists of people who migrate from different countries and bring their cultures along with them, causing the country to be diverse and flavorful. The color run is an good example for the adaption of foreign culture. It is a combination of the indian springfestival “Holi” and a 5K race. Runners show up wearing white running outfits and every kilometer they run, they are dunked in a different colour. Like mentioned before, the UK is a classical example of how a multicultural society can be beneficial.

In the past immigrants helped improving the british transport system and expanding the health service. Today the concept of multiculturalism is an important factor that improved Londons economy drastically. Also it expanded Londons range of choice to the greatest on earth, which raises the attractiveness for tourists. Another important point, which is a big personal gain for everybody, is the new perspectives and more open-minded association with each other by communicating with so many different people.

It promotes the tolerance and respect between different cultures. There is a development in an intellectual way. Furthermore the mixing of cultures reduces the segregation of minorities and discrimination by others. But there are always two sides of a coin. How good Multiculturalism may sound, there are also negative aspects to consider. Many natives in the UK are scared to lose their own culture, which is part of their identity, and criticize the statement “Britain stopped being British”.

Furthermore immigrants are accused to “steal” the jobs that could be done by British people and to drain the welfare system. Many people are focused on these negative aspects, discriminate and don’t want to tolerate other cultures, which leads to conflicts and racism. In my opinion the benefits of this kind of society do clearly overweight the disadvantages, which could be fixed by law or by your own interest. Multiculturalism should be promoted. It helps everybody to get along with each other and make the world a more peaceful place.



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