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The significance of this essay: creating a detailed description of me, one that grades cannot portray. Well here I am, Rachel Laura Gibson.

Even before I could read, I had a natural curiosity for language, picking up new words easily and using them in surprising ways. For me, words were more than a way to communicate – they were a form of art. As I explored the world of words, I began to understand writing as a powerful way to express my emotions. I looked to poetry as a focus to bringing out everything inside my head, every thought that defines me. And so, as I attempt to do the same, I look to poetry once again.

Beginning this journey, I enter my room, the sun glowing through my window shades and illuminating the peony walls. I search for my journal, soon discovering a red spiral notebook, with my pen attached. To make sure it still worked, I scribble on the back of the notebook, finding it to be almost out of ink from all the writing it had done; but just enough left for me to continue. Finding a comfortable spot, I gently lay across my bed. And so I begin…

When no one else is around

I think of things I could never say

As lyrics run through my mind

Melodies lingering in my ears

I become the girl no one else can see

Someone who goes beyond stereotypes

Beyond image

She has a perfectly imperfect life

She is real, and so are her friends

The clothes she wears may not be designer

But she likes who she is:

Her personality

Her brown skin

Her life

Her smile


Tears stream down her face

As she dreams of a time, where she won’t have to hide

When acceptance won’t matter

When people won’t care

But they do

So there she stays, showing people what they want to see

Waiting to be recognized

Waiting to be me.

The waiting has come to an end. My poetry has allowed me to find my voice and let the world see Rachel Gibson; bright, unique, compassionate and with a perspective on the world that not many seventeen-year-olds have. This is a definition of me. I can think of this as a map to my being, a window to my soul, or a record of my life. No matter which point of view I choose, every poem I have written contains a little piece of me, living and breathing in each line.

My goal is to build understanding with my words. I am

looking to have an impact on issues of diversity which have shaped who I

am today. I want to help people…


See another’s view

Learn something new

To understand is to see

Beyond what you can see

To know how I’m feeling

Look in my heart

Spiritual healing

Read between the lines and

Find what you seek

To understand is to see

See beyond me

Welcome to my world.



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