There are several types of media available for spreading news. These days electronic technology and communicate facilities are preferred over traditional newspapers and these include television, radio and the Internet. In my opinion, the Internet is the most beneficial form for displaying news for a number of reasons of which I will explain. Newspapers are responsible for the cost usage of ink and paper whereas news via the Internet is much more environmentally friendly. While newspapers are disposed after being read, online news does not create any environmental hazards, due to the fact that it is merely a collection of data and information.

The dissemination of online news is more imaginative than that of radio. When news is on a website, an editor inserts pictures together with their relevant articles, allowing the news to become more attractive and easier to understand. Though listening to the news from the radio is no doubt a fantastic moment when driving, to Also, the distribution of online news is more flexible. This type of news can be read anytime and anywhere. For example, when searching for the word “Melbourne” on sites such as Google, an abundance of information about Melbourne is generated – either recent or historic, as well as from other locations.

More importantly, the Internet can change our lifestyle. One of Australia’s mainstream newspapers, “The Age”, develops its own online material, as does the BBC. This suggests a reason for its growing popularity and acceptability. It is true that there are areas that are still not covered by the Internet and are still dominated by radio, newspapers and television. This obviously depends on different situations and determines which medium should be used. Overall, and despite the availability of alternative media, the Internet is by far the most preferable method for spreading news.



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