In Biology 1115, I learned a great deal about cytoskeleton. I have been able to recognize the functions of molecular structures which are microtubules, microfilament and intermediate filaments, but I still have confusion about those structures. For example, I always misunderstand the differences between microtubules and microfilament. Therefore, I got wrong in some multiple choices of this midterm. I went back to the notes and read them again after seeing my midterm which can help me to clarify and solidify my understanding.

I also learned the structure of different macromolecules. It seems like such a tip as I learned these in Biology 12, but, there is additional knowledge of applying those structures. I found it’s interesting to recognize those structures through different functional groups. In this class, so far, I used to read the note of each chapter 2 days before each quiz, a week before the midterm, and I did practice in the study guide and online.

However, my midterm grade shows this study habit is not good enough for me to get an A so I alter my study plan for improvement. I plan to make notes for each chapter before class which gives me an idea of what professor are going to discuss in class. This makes me concentrate more in class activities since English is my second language. Furthermore, I plan to do cue cards for definition of bolded words in the notes. In this midterm, I didn’t use specific words to describe and define a concept and a structure which affect my grade seriously.

Moreover, I form a study group so that I can get help from my group members and help them either. Although I am still not used to this study habit, it truly helps me. In this midterm, unfortunately, I was sick on that day. I know this is not an excuse for me to no doing well but it helps me to realize I should study ahead instead of a week before the midterm. During the exam, I was nervous because this is my first midterm in this Bio class and also at Langara.

However, I did all questions that I was confident in which reduce much nervousness. Another thing that I am still struggling with is guessing the answers of multiple choice questions which I am not quite familiar with. I learned to use eliminate method to do the exam in class, but I still need more practice in it. I change my study habit for improving my grade. It is a practical application for skills of exams. I hope to learn much more by improvement of each exam so I can apply later on as well.



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