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A word that covers all manner of sins. As negative as that sounds it is very important to highlight the need to define relationships more often than not, given the current changes our emotional states are going through. In my mind the word relationship cannot be used independently to describe the emotion or connection between Individuals or entities. There are only a few situations where relationships do not have to be defined as the definition or emotions are very clearly established by nature e. g. Parent and Child, Brothers, Sisters so on and so forth.

Today there are so many other connections that exist between people due to our need to Co-habitat as a group in a geographical environment. This makes it essential for us to define the nature of emotion or connectivity so as to let the entire society understand the emotion involved. How often do we hear this in the movies “They are in a relationship “ The moment we hear that we assume that to be one of love and it also becomes a convenient mask for people to hide their emotions under. This leads to a lot of confusion and emotional stress as the expectations are not clearly defined even amongst the people involved .

Of course it is easier said than done unlike in a Business relationship, where we know who the buyer or seller, client or service provider and again if you notice it is the understanding of these roles well which makes the relationship a good one or a bad one. The point is we are unable to do this very effectively where emotions that are not clearly defined are involved. The point I am making which is very relevant to the fast paced society we live in today is relationships specifically between the opposite sexes need to be understood and communicated effectively within each other and also the community.

This obliviates the need to fall into a larger or a pre defined role which will effectively be the poison for the same relationship because that may not be the exact emotion that is tying in the people involved. Then over a period of time it becomes a bad relationship, . one that people want to get out of. Given the different type of pressures that we live under, people do not have the time to understand each other . , so the relationship if it were to exist requires effective communication and definition . Again this need not be a once in a life time definition . ( like husband and wife – where again there are diff relationships involved) Today you may meet your partner and expect a friendly understanding or a parental guidance or sheer physical need . It is better to express these emotions on a day to day basis so that expectations are clear and not left to interpretation which may be right or way off the mark. I would strongly stress the need for people to communicate their expectation in a particular relationship to define their emotions constantly to make it a Good and Long Lasting Relationship.

Without getting into specific issues that people under a defined relationship face, but on a very broad and generic plane the Key focus hence becomes effective communication. There are specialist solutions to other issues though the underlying basis to those again would be effective communication . If people under a relationship can define their emotions and expectation on their relationship even on a day to day basis it would help their partners understand the emotions and moods and react or just stop with plain understanding . This would necessitate sharing of incidences that lead to that particular mood, feeling or emotion.

Now the common counter to this argument would be “where is the time” . One is busy working and making money for the family, to put food on the table so on and so forth. What we do not realize or what we in our society take for granted is most certainly this relationship between the sexes. This is again is because we do not focus and assume our expectations or the broad societal definitions and expectations. E. g. a woman will do this and this, will be patient and tolerate all the tantrums thrown by the working man or bear the brunt of his frustration in his workplace or the man is to do this and this .

More often than not people fall out of this defined relationship because there is something unique and different in their expectation which has not been defined by this overview. Gone or the days when people had the tolerance and patience to bear with the differences. , today people walk out on each other for these reasons . To cut to the chase this boils down to a change in the attitude or outlook. What I mean is that people in a relationship which they want to hold on to for a long time have to attach as much importance to this as they would to a relationship entered into in their Organizations or businesses .

Now you know how polite, patient and tolerant a restaurant manager or a flight attendant would be to their client. They would need to look at their other relationships with as much care and diligence. People when they finish up with work and meet their partners should mentally tell themselves “ this is my real challenge “ and I am going to meet my most important customers’ expectations today . If one is able to do that , there will be so much to save in terms of heartaches , broken relationships and splintered families…



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