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Screwtape Letter # 26 1. Critique the strategy used by Screwtape in Letter #26. A. Replace the patients charity with a false sense of unselfishness. This will cause the patient to believe that he is being truly humble when in reality he is being untruthful and causing many more arguments with his partner. 2. Analyze the difference between Charity and unselfishness? Do you agree with Screwtape in his belief that unselfishness can have harmful effects? A. Charity is an unlimited loving-kindness showed towards all others whereas unselfishness is simply the act of not putting yourself first.

I do believe it can have harmful effects because if you replace honesty with unselfishness, many more conflicts will arise in the relationship. 3. Consider a time in your life in which unselfishness got the better of you or someone you know. A. Many times me and my dad will argue over what to put on t. v. Eventually we’ll start to argue over who wants to give up watching their favorite show so that may mom we’ll think were each being generous however this usually causes even more anguish in the end. 4.

Screwtape believes that in order to be successful, Wormwood must not allow the patient to let his real wishes be known. Assume the role of Screwtape and explain why he thinks this. A. I think Screwtape believes this because if the patient were to express his feelings truly, this would spare him and his significant other a lot of argument. Screwtape is hoping that by being unselfish, that this will lead the patient to be untruthful as well. 5. Explain the quote found in paragraph five, “A little real selfishness on our patient’s part is often of less value in the long run, for securing his soul, than the first beginnings of that elaborate and self-conscious unselfishness …”. A. In this quote Screwtape is saying that a small bit of selfishness will do nothing in securing the patients soul for hell. But the true mystery of unselfishness and all the vices that come with it, will have an even better effect on gaining the patients soul. Rachel Denton 1. On page 141-142, Screwtape says “Another great help where the parties concerned are male and female, is the divergence of view about Unselfishness which we have built up between the sexes”.

Clarify what Screwtape means here, and 2. On page 141, Screwtape says “teach a man to surrender benefits not that others may be happy in having them but that he may be unselfish in forgoing them”. Interpret this quote and state the problem Screwtape is addressing. 3. Apply the idea of Generous Conflict Illusion to your life. Does this concept occur in your family? Do you notice that what you are doing is bad. 4. Which do you think is a better strategy for Wormwood to use: selfishness or unselfishness? Explain your answer.

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