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Terms 1 and 2 Through Project and Assignment in Formative assessment only 1. Tsunami 2. Safer Construction Practices 3. Survival Skills 4. Alternate Communication Skills 5. Sharing Responsibility English Term2 Syllabus for Terms PROSE The Letter 4 The Ultimate Safari POETRY 3 The Frog and The Nightingale 4 Mirror 5 The Rime of the Ancient Mariner DRAMA Julius Caesar Main Course Book 3 Science 4 Environment 5 Travel and Tourism Science Assessments (F3 and F4) will carry total 20 marks (10 marks each) and Summative assessment (S2) will carry 40 Marks Chemical Substances; Carbon Compounds ; Periodic classification of elements World of living Reproduction; Heredity and evolution Natural Phenomena Conservation of Natural resources; the regional environment; our environment