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A young boy, full of imagination and new exciting adventures, is the protagonist of the story “The Wish. ” This story was written by the author Roald Dahl, a well-known author that has also written the stories, “The BFG”, “Matilda” and, “James and the Giant Peach,” Children have minds packed with creativity, everything is an adventure. For this young boy, he becomes wildly engulfed in his imagination each day. Some characteristics of the boy include that he is incredibly imaginative, and he has a lot of ambition. What else can be said to be a characteristic of the boy is that can seem to be foolish, and he also is very lonely.

On this particular day of adventures, the boy becomes quite lost in his creativity. The result of this is that his new quest turns into a dire situation of getting a puppy, or falling into the depths of the red, black, and yellow carpet. The imagination of the boy is one of his key characteristics. He even makes picking a scab into a special exciting challenge. “A scab was always a fascinating thing; it presented a special challenge he was never able to resist. ” After picking the scab he continues with another adventure that includes the colorful carpet.

I believe that imagination is a great thing to have in life, but to much can have many consequences. Something continuously expressed by the boy are the lines, “I must” and, “I will. ” This shows that he is extremely ambitious and motivated. An example of this would be, “What I must do is this: I must walk all the way along it to the front door without touching them. ” Of course, with such an imaginative mind, this boy seems slightly foolish. As he talks to the carpet and holds his breath with each step, the usual person would probably think that this child is making a fool of himself.

He yelled at the carpet with enthusiasm, “I’m not touching you! You mustn’t bite me! You know, I’m not touching you! Another characterization of the boy would be that he seems lonely. The boy thought, “For someone who had only yesterday triumphantly traveled the whole length of the brick path from the stables to the summerhouse without touching the cracks, this carpet thing should not be too difficult. ” This thought shows that the boy is having adventures like this everyday; he doesn’t have another child or sibling to play with. The boy is also wishing that he would be given a puppy for his birthday, maybe this is because of his loneliness.

He just wishes for some company. With such characteristics in a young boy, he seems like quite the interesting kid. He is described greatly between the lines of the short story. The boy doesn’t change throughout the adventure, he is mostly unaffected by the events. Although I am not sure about what had happened to this young boy and the carpet, I am wishing the story had presented more towards the conclusion. Not only am I wanting more and constantly wondering what actually happened to the boy, but also I’m glad the story had ended the way it did.



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