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The Play Two Weeks with the queen is about a young Australian boy, Colin, who tried to stop his brother’s cancer. As cancer is such a seriously issue the author has choose to utilise the character, plot and themes is a manner that present the issue highlight-hearted way. This essay will analyse how the adolescent characters, the ferreted plot and the relevant. The main characters in the play Two Weeks with the Queen are young children.

The play is centred on Colin, a young Australian boy who, with the help of his cousin Alastair tries to find a cure for his younger brother who has been diagnosed with cancer. The young protagonist, Colin copes with the divesting news of his younger brother’s illness by devising ludicrous plants which put him and his cousin in outlandish situations. The audience sees the from a child’s eyes, which are naturally naive and optimistic. It’s may be that Colin does not understand the seriousness of the issue, that the play has such a light-hearted nature.

The characters alone don’t make the play light-hearted; it is also the plot that contributes to this message. At one point in the novel is Colin caught trying to climb the fence and break into Buckingham place. Throughout the novel, Colin ignores his carers, sneaks out, breaks the law and even contemplates jumping “a cargo ship to South America” (Morris, pg. 55) The characters are so young, the potentially serious issues of the play are effectively presented in a light-hearted way.

Even the novel, characters Colin and Ted directly make light of the seriousness of the issue; highlighting the fact that none of the grown-ups will say the word cancer, like it carries some terrible curse. Not only do the characters demonstrate that it is possible to deal with serious issues in a light-hearted way, the plot does so as well. The protagonist is a child, so naturally, the issues is viewed from a child’s perspective. The main characters are so young; the serious issues of the play are viewed by the audience a light-hearted way.

The play is funny to sad then it’s a very serious theme but from a child perspective. That the play is write from a child’s perspective make the book funny then a child react different to an adult. It happen funny things like The play is mad and sometimes unrealistic; some things have nothing to do with the play include death, friendship, hope, family, childhood Colin and Allaister try to break into the Buckingham but the police stop them. I want ask the Queen about good cancer doctors. He tried also to break into a cancer hospital the police stop him also. Next to the hospital



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