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AP Eng Lang & Comp – 4 442 Precis Source A In the article, Where in the World Can You Get Universal Health Care? , Park informs the reader about the countries that the governments provide health care to their citizens. Park develops the article by listing the countries and giving general details about them. Park’s purpose is to provide information about countries where people can get health care in order to make the reader to consider how universal health care can change our nation in positive ways. By using concise and short sentences, the author is writing to a person who wants to know briefly about countries with health care.

Source B In the article, Pros & Cons of Free Universal Health Care, Ireland contrasts the different arguments about universal health care by giving pros and cons. Ireland provides benefits and drawbacks to the type of universal health care system to develop his neutral position. Ireland’s purpose is to inform the reader about the positive and negative effects of universal health care in order to make them decide whether the government should provide it to all Americans. By using simple sentences and diction, Ireland is writing to a person who wants to have general ideas of universal health care. Source C

In the article, What Are the Benefits of a Universal Health Care System? , Sykora emphasizes all the benefits the citizens can get form universal health care system by listing and give brief explanations about them. Sykora’s pro position is developed by all the beneficial factors of universal health care she talks about in the article. Sykora’s purpose is to inform about the benefits of a universal health care to the reader in order to make him or her support it. By giving only the benefits of a universal health care, Sykora is writing to a person who has a general idea of both negative and positive view points about it.

Source D In the article, Universal Health Care Effects, Uzoma emphasizes how universal health care can have a significant effect on people’s health and finance. Uzoma supports universal health care by explaining how a universal health care system can prevent unnecessary suffering and deaths, disability and financial difficulty. Uzoma’s purpose is to persuade people who are against a universal health care system in order to have a health system that provides health care benefits to every citizen of the nation. By utilizing detail, Uzoma is writing to the teens and the adults who are interested in this subject.



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