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The Worst Day of My Life It was August 20th 2005 on a Friday morning. I woke up and I was feeling alright. I did what I usually do on Fridays. I cooked, cleaned, took a shower, brushed my hair, and then sat in the living room to watch T. V. Next, my favorite show came on and I was happy and excited to watch the new episode. Later, the phone rang while I was watching the T. V, then I got up and then answered the phone. It was my sister in law calling, to tell us that our father had passed away about an hour ago.

I could not believe what I was hearing; I throw the phone on the floor, fell to my knees and started crying. My mother and everyone else ran towards me, asked me what was wrong and what I found out over the phone. I could not talk at all; I was out of breath from crying. But they all knew something terrible had happened. My mom picked up the phone from the floor and then talked with my sister in law, to find out the sad truth. My mom was shocked like me when she heard what I heard.

When my siblings found out, we all fell apart and started to cry and hug each other. We prayed and asked god to get us through the tough time we were going through. After we prayed I went and sat in the corner with my brother and older sister. Three of us kept sitting and crying. After that my mother was trying to comfort us, but she could barely talk because she was crying so much. Unfortunately crying wouldn’t change the reality. My mother had to break the news to everyone over the phone.

It was very painful hearing my mom breaking the news to the rest of the relatives, but we had no choice. In conclusion, our life has changed dramatically ever since my father’s death because my mother had to take all the responsibilities. Life was never the same for us, for we are missing the head of the household. Since the loss of our father is a fact, we had to live with the pain and get used to it. And every time that date passes we remember the grief of losing our father.



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