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Human history has witnessed many innovations, technological progress, and revolutions. Youth is the first to bring such a change. Youth is the greatest wealth and strength of any country. Who can forget the great sacrifices made by the youth in the Freedom struggle of India? The soldiers at boundaries fight for security of their nation without being selfish . Steve Jobs , the founder of the APPLE and the NeXT (who was an undergraduate ) is the great example of youth’s intelligence .

Youth have played central and leading role in recent revolutions in Tunisia ,Egypt and other Arab countries . The Marathi newspaper Maharashtra Times has awarded Adhik Kadam, Chairperson Of Borderless World Foundation It works for the children in Jammu and Kashmir. These show youth’s awareness towards their social and political responsibilities. Mark Zuckerberg has discovered the most famous social networking site , Facebook and Mr. Uday Kumar from IIT ,Bombay gave new symbolic identification to Indian Rupee (: ).

Examples tell us about the great potential of youth. In India, the movement of the Lokapal Bill led by Anna Hazare succeeded due to the participation of youth from the whole country and also from the world. Indian Constitution has given ‘Right to Vote’ to its every citizen. Not only about voting, but also youth must contest elections and give well-educated and qualified representatives to the ‘People Of India” . Really, youth is the ray of hope for the transforming the political scene of India and making it more and more transparent.

In last decade, India was facing the problem of ’brain-drain’ . But now their is a trend of ‘brain-gain’. This trend is the positive sign for developing India. Youth is working for betterment of villages as well as for achieving the scientific, economic, social, technological, etc. growth of nation. Truly, youth is the keystone in making India ‘superpower in 2020’. Therefore, the future of any nation lies in the hands of its youth. The quality of its youth determines the kind of future, the nation will have.

If we want to ensure a bright future for our country, we first need to empower our youth. The right kind of education is key for it . Unless we mold the tremendous energy of youth in right direction, it can become destructive and dangerous for nation. It is well said that change is never complete. Hence, years after years, generations after generations, and centuries after centuries change is the only constant . And youth is the soul for every change and every transformation…… .



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